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We have an increasing array of channels at our disposal – both traditional and new and emerging. This category is an opportunity to show us how you are using channels to deliver the aims and objectives of your organisation. This year we also want to see examples of how these channels have considered accessibility, ensuring they meet the needs of everyone.


Best Magazine

We define a magazine as any regular publication where most of the content is taken up by feature material (of course it may also contain some news stories). Its cover is likely to be image rather than text led. It can be any medium – print or digital. You should demonstrate how you have used this channel to further organisational objectives


Best News Channel

This channel/publication will consist mainly of news material  - shorter and  very topical  – though of course it may also contain some longer feature stories. It can be any medium – print or digital. You should demonstrate how you have used this channel to further organisational objectives.


Best Newspaper/Newsletter

A newspaper or newsletter may be delivered digitally or in print. It will be a regular publication, led by news stories (text and images) and designed to provide lots of information in a digestible way.


Best New or Relaunched Channel

This class is for an internal or stakeholder channel that was launched or underwent a relaunch during 2021. Give an idea of the thought process which led to the idea of a relaunch and how you went about deciding on the process It can be any medium – print or digital. (With relaunched publications please remember to include an example of the publication before the relaunch).


Best Channel for Members/Stakeholders/Volunteers

This class is defined by audience rather than format or frequency. We’re looking for the best use of reaching out to non-traditional IC groups. But this is not about a commercial publication so please note that publications with high levels of paid for advertising or with the purpose of solely increasing member numbers are unlikely to be accepted or successful.


Best Intranet

Tell us what’s special about your intranet. You’ll need to show us how it has helped enhance organisational performance, or solved a problem in your organisation, or perhaps enabled new ways of working. You will need to provide some imagery of what your intranet looks like.  If you want to show the interactive elements of the intranet please ensure you include a  video (could be on a mobile phone, it doesn’t have to be professionally produced) so the judges can see the intranet in action.


Best Channel for a Remote Audience 

How and where people work is changing so in this category, we’re interested in any communication designed to connect audiences that are not typically ‘at’ work. We’ll want to know why you chose the tool and how you measured its effectiveness. This class is specifically for a remote audience, those for a hybrid audience should be entered into Best Hybrid Communication.


Best Video/Animation

This class is for any form of video communication, from one-off films to regular briefings. We’ll want to know why you chose the tool and how you measured its success.


Best Use of a Social Channel

Show us how you have used your internal social media to achieve a particular outcome. Clearly identify your objectives and how you know you have been successful.


Best Event (virtual or in person)

We want to hear about the overall objective and how the event was planned to meet it. Tell us also about the audience, whether that is an employee audience or for members/stakeholders, what you did, how well it worked and the impact it had.



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