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We know that internal communicators are an innovative bunch. In this category we want to champion the fresh thinking in how different communication tools work together. We want to commend ideas that take internal communication into new areas, or show new possibilities. The judging is weighted towards fresh thinking, but we still want to see how your innovation has emerged from an organisational or corporate priority, and how it has supported that priority.


Game Changer

Entries should demonstrate a 'new' way of communicating - this may only be new to the organisation rather than the industry, but the entry should detail why it is innovative for the organisation. Show how it has changed the way your organisation communicates and engages its people.


Innovative Use of Media

Show us how you’ve responded to an organisational or corporate need with fresh thinking about the communication tools already available to you. We’ll be looking particularly for how the ways in which the solution has brought the communication idea alive for your audience and deepened its impact.


Best ‘Quick Fix’

This class represents the part of internal communications that can’t be planned – the need that genuinely comes out of the blue. As this will related to something  unforeseen, we are less concerned with benchmarking and lots of measurement, but more focused on the pragmatic approach you took, the speed at which you were able to deliver and what difference that has made.


As part of the innovation category, we will be allowing video submissions of no more than 3 minutes for these classes. A video on your phone is perfectly acceptable – what we really want is for you to bring the changes made to life.



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