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We want to see campaigns designed to achieve or support defined corporate or organisational goals. We want to know about the campaign planning, to see the audience profile, a description of any known issues and constraints and the rationale for the creative approach and tools that were used.  Critically we want to know how you evaluated the success of your work; this might include qualitative or quantitative measures. Where appropriate we want to hear about what you learned and how this is influencing future work.


Best Single Campaign

This class is primarily for entries which had an ‘end’ date within the awards year. You should be able to demonstrate what you were aiming to achieve with the campaign and show measurement of the results.


Best Ongoing Communication  

This class is primarily for entries which don’t have an ‘end’ date and may reflect business-as-usual activity. It may be more difficult to measure the success of an on-going campaign, but you must demonstrate as clearly as possible the effort you are making to measure effectiveness.


Best Change/Transformation Communication

This is for campaigns that have supported a specific change initiative. This may be organisational or cultural change, or a reaction to specific event or crisis, You should be able to demonstrate how you have worked with other parts of the organisation to be successful.


Best Engagement Programme

Here you should be able to demonstrate not only how you have communicated the subject to colleagues, but how you have engaged them through a variety of means. Measurement of changes seen as a result of the programme are critical in this category.


Best Strategic Collaboration

In this class, we are looking for an example of when an Internal Communications individual or team has worked with others across the organisation in the best way, to get the best output. We are looking for how and why this collaboration worked, the vital role internal communication played, as well as the measurable impact on the organisation.


Best Crisis/Emergency Communications - Updated for 2022

This is for a communication campaign that supported a specific crisis or emergency, including a risk to the organisation’s reputation. You should be able to demonstrate how you responded to the crisis, the planning that was involved (even with limited time), the role of internal communication and how you worked with other parts of the organisation to be successful. It may be difficult to measure the success of this campaign, so the judges will be looking for you to demonstrate, as clearly as possible, the effort you are making to measure effectiveness/learn from the outcomes. This class will also cover any COVID-related communication, that is not part of BAU.


Best Wellbeing Programme

This is for programmes that have enhanced employee wellbeing. We aren’t looking for a one-time solution but a planned campaign that’s made a real difference. What was the problem, how did you solved it with great internal communication and what has really changed within the organisation and for its people as a result?


Best D&I Campaign

This class is for campaigns with diversity and inclusion at their heart. We are looking for examples of great internal communication which has played a role in creating a more diverse and inclusive organisation and is able to demonstrate its impact in shaping and driving Diversity & Inclusion through conversation, behaviour change, alignment to organisational goals and company values.


Best Leadership Communication Programme

Our leaders are crucial when it comes to delivering effective messages, and this class is  looking for a campaign that focuses purely on how you have supported the development of great leadership communication - increasing leadership visibility, supporting the development of messages and using channels to bring leaders and the employees closer together to create a more human centred-organisation. We are looking for details how you have delivered initiatives, supported leaders and what difference it has made to leaders, employees and the organisation as a whole.


Best Employee Experience Campaign

This class is for a campaign that shows how great internal communication has supported the organisation in creating a great employee experience.  Show us how you have partnered with key partners such as HR to deliver IC programmes and channels to support colleagues throughout the employee lifecycle – from onboarding, to reward and recognition, creating connection and learning and development.

New for 2022

Best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Campaign

More than ever employees need to believe in the company they work for and will align themselves with a company that shares their values. For this class we are looking for examples of where internal communications have helped the organisation to link purpose and values and how that had a tangible effect on employees. We are not looking for a one-time fix but examples of how ESG has become embedded in the message and the way the organisation operates.


Best Hybrid Communication

In this class we are looking for excellent approaches to communication in a hybrid working organisation. How have you tackled the challenge of communicating to colleagues who are newly dispersed and no longer face to face with their colleagues on a daily basis? What channels and approaches did you use, how did you overcome resistance from leadership and/or employees, how do you measure levels of engagement when you don’t see colleagues as regularly as before?


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