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The Institute of Internal Communication works with international partners to promote and develop the profession across the world.

As businesses become increasingly globalised it is essential that the Institute continues to understand and reflect best practice from cultures and practices beyond the UK.

We work closely with FEIEA across Europe, in addition to our own international offering.

European Association of Internal Communication (FEIEA)

All members of IoIC are automatically part of FEIEA which embodies co-operation among national member associations and currently has members in 11 countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and the UK), while its out-reach programme fosters informal links with other European countries (including Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden).

FEIEA’s vision

FEIEA was founded in 1955. Since then, it has sought to promote co-operation and understanding between communicators across Europe. FEIEA gives us the space to explore our common interests, connected by our geography and our profession. It is a bridge between communicators, a mutual space for co-operation and a forum to discuss issues that are relevant to today’s business communicators.

FEIEA’s mission

FEIEA provides a network of professional and collegiate support for business communicators. It seeks to broaden members’ knowledge of corporate communications in Europe. It also aims to speak with a united voice on communication issues at a pan-European level in dealings with the European Union and with business, economic, academic and social organisations across Europe, while remaining independent from all of these bodies. And it aims to serve its federated national member associations, providing them with a common European meeting point.

FEIEA’s activities

Each year, FEIEA offers a programme of services and activities for the members of its national associations. Its key services include:
  • The FEIEA Academy – one of Europe’s leading professional development events for communicators. Delegates gather at the annual Academy to hear from top speakers, bringing together perspectives from across Europe, and to discuss the issues that face them in their work while networking with their fellow communicators.
  • The FEIEA Grand Prix – an annual awards competition which seeks to recognise excellence at a European level and to promote the sharing of best practice in corporate communications. Judged by a pan-European jury, the competition offers an opportunity for you to gauge your communications against a European benchmark. The awards are presented at an annual FEIEA Grand Prix gala dinner, which always follows the FEIEA Academy.
Click for more information about FEIEA on its website.


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