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A resilient industry - 2019 was a year to be really proud of.

Hitting our highest levels of membership, increasing our turnover and having the luxury of a surplus to plough back into membership services was the jam, cream, icing and cherries on the cake in a year when the IoIC celebrated its 70th anniversary. And, it turns out, these were solid foundations on which to base our changing strategies and plans as 2020 saw certainty disappear.

Without the excellent work developed and delivered in 2019, the current new ways of working, different ways to communicate, and resultant pressure on people, cash and performance would have been much harder. But the IC industry – and IoIC with it – is a resilient one.
In 2019, IoIC launched its 70th anniversary #WeMatterAtWork initiative to reinforce how internal communication has the power to transform organisational performance and working lives by helping people feel connected, engaged, and purposeful. It continues the Institute’s work over those years to champion the role of effective internal comms in creating environments where people thrive.
I commented in May last year at the #WeMatterAtWork launch that internal communication’s ability to re-invent itself and to embrace change – not just as a profession, but for the people it motivates and connects – is why it matters at work.
And that is truer now more than ever. The evidence and stories of how IC continues to demonstrate why it matters at work were being shared last year and continue to emerge as communicators learn new skills, tread new water and deliver the best for their organisations – all at speed.

Within the IoIC, the HQ team continues to work together to deliver the best for members, to change direction when needed and adapt to the new membership environment.

2019’s success was the result of their hard work and dedication to our profession, working alongside our amazing volunteers up and down the country to open up conversations, share best practice and bring people together. Thank you all.

Suzanne Peck
IoIC president and FEIEA vice-president

You can explore the highlights of 2019 by clicking here to download the entire report.

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