IoIC Central and North Awards 2020: How to enter

Enter your work online for an IoIC Central & North Award

For each submission write an entry statement which should cover the elements detailed below. These are maximum word counts. Feel free to write less. As long as you include sufficient information, brevity is best.
(please note the questions drafted under each element are for guidance only)
For all classes (except the team & people awards):
Background. Word Count: 200
  • What the organisation does, size and team.
Goals & Audience. Word Count: 200
  • What were the goals/targets?
  • What did you want to achieve?
  • What was the brief?
  • Who was the target audience?
Planning. Word Count: 300
  • What was the research conducted prior to the campaign?
  • What was the delivery timescale?
  • What was the communication plan?
Execution. Word Count: 1,000
  • What was the creative approach?
  • What were the channels used and why?
  • What was the messaging and core content?
  • How was the campaign implemented/produced?
Results/Measurement. Word Count: 500
  • How did you meet your objectives?
  • What was the ROI?
  • Do you have metrics to demonstrate engagement?
  • Is there any evidence to support the outcomes?

For the team & people awards only:
Background. Word Count: 300
  • What the organisation does, size, team and history.
Context. Word Count: 300
  • What were the factors shaping the work of the team in the 12 month period?
Execution. Word Count: 500
  • Describe what was done by the team or individual
  • Why do you think the team or individual deserves commendation?
Achievement/Impact. Word Count: 500
  • What evidence do you have to demonstrate success (qualitative and/or quantitative)
  • Why do you think the team or individual made an impact?
Please include a selection of supporting materials that strengthen your entry by providing evidence of your achievements. Materials should illustrate your work and aid the narrative of your entry statement. It’s best to include only those materials that are directly relevant to the specific category.
The supporting materials can include:
  • Magazine and/or publication
  • Newsletters
  • Online pages
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Videos  - if possible, please provide a link to view the video content online (Youtube, Vimeo, embedded on the organisations site). Please note, videos in the excess length of three minutes may not be viewed in their entirety.
  • Graphics/Images illustrating the project or campaign 
  • Statistics
  • Testimonials
Please note: Intranet entries will only be judged in a net browser and your intranet site will need to be accessible to the judging panel. This is because images, sound and video, animation, accessibility issues, usability and site structure need to be viewed as seen by the site user.
The supporting materials can be attached in your entry application process or for the purpose of magazines and printed materials please send them directly to :
Institute of Internal Communication
Scorpio House
Rockingham Drive
Linford Wood
Milton Keynes
MK14 6LY

Our judges can view your entry on-site, but this will incur an additional charge of £500+VAT plus reasonable travel costs. Site visits will last a maximum of one hour, during which time the judge must be allowed at least 15 minutes to make notes unaccompanied.

  • Please complete the online entry application form for each submission, which includes:
    • Entrant information
    • Details of the entry, i.e. title, category and class
    • Payment details
  • Upload your entry statement (as a word document or pdf)
  • Upload your supporting materials (if required)
You can also email your entries to

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