In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week in May, we hosted 'Let's Talk: Conversations that Matter' events at three of Wiley UK's locations. Led by the local leadership team and supported by HR, we invited all colleagues to take part in a discussion where they could share their personal reflections on wellbeing at Wiley. 

In a world that is increasingly opening up to and understanding mental health issues that affect many of us, we wanted to take this opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing and mental health. The session was a safe, confidential space where we respected differing views and feelings, giving colleagues a place to speak openly in a supportive environment. 

We had about a 10% turnout in each location; with colleagues seated in small groups, creating the right kind of atmosphere to encourage conversation. 

The feedback has been very encouraging with colleagues appreciating the opportunity to share what's on their minds, and thinking that it was such an important and beneficial session.

The icing on the cake for me was receiving feedback from a colleague saying that the session had given her confidence to finally speak to her manager about her own mental health issues, and she was delighted to receive a very supportive response. The outcome has been a more flexible working environment; and to quote her: "I felt such a huge amount of relief being able to open up to her [my manager], and that's all down to this Conversations that Matter session, so a massive THANK YOU for holding this."