The visual image is one of the most important emotions we experience. It's why we look at a Rembrandt, take a selfie. Watch TV. We are programmed to respond to the visual image and correctly used it can inform, educate and entertain.

And we all love the visual image because it tells stories. I've been telling stories for over 30 years – with my video camera. My name is Jeremy Humphries, an award-winning BBC trained Director of Photography who has been filming documentaries around the world for over 30 years. I've filmed child mine victims in Angola, Nelson Mandela campaigning for black farmer's rights in South Africa, filmed the meeting of the last remaining British and German veterans of World War One and filmed prize-winning chrysanthemum growers for Gardeners' World too!

Businesses have their stories to tell. Communication to the staff via internal comms with news and information can now be sent via the visual image – more powerful more engaging, more motivating to staff in the next office, next building or on the other side of the World. No longer a faceless email, now however remote, staff feel connected. And to the wider audience, companies have their own YouTube channels to engage shareholder and client alike with their brand and their story.

I work with companies and train them to harness the power of video content, inspire them to originate a visual idea, script the words that fit in with the company mantra - and how to plan an interview with the CEO! And all the tech stuff too. What equipment you need, how to film and produce your own content, not least when you have the day job to fit in as well.

I've trained the MD of an international brewer not to look glazed and uncomfortable in front of the camera. I've trained a global investment bank how to use the cameras in their studio which they had just installed, and I've helped train a London PR company to understand the terminology, the cost and the logistics of filming – so they could be more informed and appreciate what was possible when creating their own video content.

Ultimately – often using my own case studies to explain what works and what doesn't – Skills2Film works with companies to help them create effective, compelling, engaging video content. To sell your brand and to tell your story. And we train you to do it yourself – it's your story, your content, your emotion. 

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