My ten years of experience in internal comms roles was sprinkled with knowledge I had gained by working with other IC experts, a conference or two, or the classic way I tend to learn – from mistakes. I was pretty good at what I did, doing it for one of the most famous names in the UK but, if I'm honest, I always felt like I was missing something – and underpinning knowledge that solidified why some things I did were successful while other less so.

When I first found out about the Masters, I was intrigued but unconvinced. Would it really improve me as a communication professional? Would the workload balance be too much? Would I be able to cope academically when that has never been my strength? Through meeting other students, conversations with the brilliant IoIC team and the tutors themselves, I soon began to see that this Masters would be a worthwhile commitment and, even though I hadn't studied at this level before, there would be a tremendous amount of support throughout.

Though a big part of my job is about words, I find it difficult to find the right ones to accurately describe just how big a difference this course has made to me. Not only has it given me a great confidence boost – both personally and professionally – but it has introduced me to theories and practices that are simply game changing. Sure, there's been some stuff that I already knew, but the Masters has helped crystallise that knowledge and ground it in research-backed theory. Every new piece of theoretical information on this course has been interesting, practical and helpful – it's not theory for theory's sake.

I still have my moments of doubt, but the masters has given me much more confidence in offering professional, expert and valued advice to those who need it most – pretty much everyone! And that's the thing about communication, it's not just the responsibility of those at the top to broadcast messages, or the middle managers to cascade, it's something that is influenced by every single person in every organisation. And the Masters helps give you the tools to unlock that communication potential that's in us all.