Firstly, thank you to all of the lovely IoIC members who voted for me to be elected as an IoIC Board Member for the next 3 years. I am very excited to be starting this journey.

Last week was my first board meeting, with board members old (in board experience!) and new, and I came out of that 3.5 hour meeting feeling inspired, proud and excited about the future.

As you, hopefully, know there are 10 board members Rich Baker, Liz Cochrane, Saskia Jones, Adeel Khan, Andrew Harvey, Andy Holt, Oli Howard, Justine Stevenson, Andy Williamson, Caroline Waddams and myself. We were joined at the board meeting by Jennifer Sproul (Chief Exec), Suzanne Peck (President), Sarah Magee (Professional Development) and Brenda Scott (Events). A really diverse group of people from different industries and backgrounds with a variety of expertise and real diversity of thought which led to some great discussion.

First order of the day was to get to know each other, and what an interesting board you have...from a fly fisher and keen vegetable grower to a rock choir singer and a charity ambulance driver. Talk about diverse! As a board it's important that we know each other well, communicate openly, challenge each other kindly and always have our members front of mind so sharing our work experiences and something a little bit personal to kick things off was really important (and entertaining!)

There are a number of areas we have to cover at each board meeting – during this meeting that included the minutes and actions from the last meeting, discussion around the Chief Executive Report and Finances and governance. We spent the majority of the meeting focusing on the strategy. This was a really interactive session – flip charts and marker pens may have been involved – which really took advantage of the broad experience across the board. We focused on 4 main pillars (I won't give away what they were – more on that to come) and, with a multitude of thoughts and ideas shared (including feedback shared by our members) we identified some key areas to really focus on over the next 3 years.

Personally, I'm very excited for us to be able to share our vision and to get you involved in all of the great things we have planned over the coming years.

Please do feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and share any thoughts, ideas, frustrations or ways you'd like to get more involved. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with as many of you as possible.