'Quarantine' and 'remote' are the two main words that influenced the business at the very beginning of 2020. The closure of offices and the transfer of employees to the 'remote mode' don't mean that work with personnel at this time should be stopped. It's just the opposite! Now, remote work format is more popular than ever.

Holding interactive meetings online can help businesses overcome crisis moments easily and later return to their normal working way more productively than ever again.

What are the benefits of team building during quarantine?

Before you consider the exciting and motivational options for corporate events for working remotely, you should consider: why do you need to organize such events if everyone is not in the office anyway?

At first glance, it seems logical to reduce the additional investments due to the large financial losses. However, business owners are better to consider other approaches, otherwise, the situation may become even worse. A pandemic, like any crisis, will someday end. The restoration of any business is impossible without trained, qualified and motivated personnel.

Team buildings have plenty of benefits, and we highlighted the most significant:

- Increasing employee loyalty

At difficult times, some enterprises begin a policy of reducing funds, cutting allowances, and bonuses. Remote team building during quarantine will demonstrate the value of each employee individually. Consequently, this will change the internal involvement of all staff, significantly increase the level of motivation, initiative, involvement, and interpersonal communication within the company.

- Emotional support

Employees who have worked in the office for many years now have a hard time working online since their psychological state is negatively affected by the news background about the pandemic and economic downturn. All this negatively affects their work both in quarantine and already upon returning to jobs.

The 'remote' team building will allow you to get distracted, see your colleagues in the video chat in a new informal setting, plunge into the familiar atmosphere of the office, and 'reboot'.

- Performance improvement

Initially, the goal of team building is to develop and improve better communication between employees. Also, strengthening the team spirit aiming at achieving personal and professional goals, especially in emergencies. Besides, team building helps develop the personal and professional growth of each employee, which is also an advantage to increase business efficiency.

What are the best options for team building on remote work?

Although it may seem that corporate team building for homeworkers is limited, this is not the case in the digital age. The choice of quarantine team building scenarios is quite diverse!

We chose 4 simple but effective options that don't require much effort:

1. Corporate Chats

Usually, companies use them only as discussions of working moments. Now, Messenger, Slack, and Skype have become symbols of unity and raising the working spirit for the whole day.

It is worth creating a separate group with all employees to share the latest news and regular newsletters: how to equip a workplace if it is noisy at home, how to motivate yourself and not to be distracted by anything, what to watch/read/cook.

Informal communication, funny memes, and discussion of internal jokes will cheer up everyone.

2. Internal Comms - You Better Have A Corporate Chat

If your company struggle with internal communication between the colleagues, you will like the idea of having a corporate chat. As you know, communication is the most powerful force to have trustful relationships among the personnel. Let's consider some benefits of it:

-Internal communications are easily structured for convenient work on projects. You quickly and flexibly create groups to discuss different issues - and begin to exchange information and ideas.

-New-coming employees who have joined the project can easily get acquainted with all correspondence and documents that were exchanged in the chat before.

-The communication history of the project is easy to see. Show it to a colleague who is not participating in the project - and he will understand everything. But to understand Fw: Re: Re: Re: Re ... email history is almost impossible.

As a result, the corporate messenger is much more effective than mail for most internal communications. Therefore, in order to simplify the task for you, as the boss and your employees, establish a single chat, and strengthen teamwork. Thus, you will increase the effectiveness of team building and trust within the company. Among existing chats, we find the most reliable Troop Messenger, Slack, Wrike, and HipChat.

Please, note, that each of these chats is both have free and paid membership accounts. It depends on how many people want to join the chat, which functions of the messenger you want to use, and how much memory space you want to get. However, don't worry, because they also are available for a trial period. So, you can try every chat and decide which one is the most suitable for your purposes.

3. Online fitness

Everyone knows that remote work leads to a decrease in activity and, as a result, a decline in productivity. Fitness - team building allows business owners to emphasize how all aspects of the employees' life are important for the company.

All coworkers can arrange a marathon. The level of involvement in such an event can be many times higher!

For example, a professional instructor can prepare a course to keep fit in quarantine. Those who will regularly attend, diligently perform all the training and adhere to the regime, can be awarded prizes on the theme of sports: dumbbells, balls, tennis rackets.

4. Online Masterclasses

One of the main trends during the quarantine is the active dissemination of online courses and masterclasses: foreign languages ​​and design, the history of cultures, and various sciences.

Now more than ever, interest in self-education has increased, but to unite the team, the courses should be joint. For online lectures, you can invite experts from various fields: English teacher, style specialist, photographer, psychologist, interior designer.

If the invitation of experts seems expensive for the company, then you can access online platforms with a huge number of courses on various topics, and the whole team can learn together. To safely choose which platform you prefer, the e-learning hub DigitalDefynd examined in detail 20 online platforms. Among them, there are free courses from Harvard, the University of Berkeley, and Google.

Team building on a remote mode in the form of online courses will be relevant, and extremely useful for the business itself.

If you are interested in online training for internal communication professionals, you can have a look at the IoIC's training portfolio. We might not be able to come to you but we can still organise virtual 'in-house' training for you and your team. To enquire about online training your team, email [email protected]