I am Amrita Dasgupta and I thought I should share my story of how I fell into my career in IC.

I live in London and have lived here for nearly 10 years, and I have had 13 jobs in those ten years. No, I am not an incredibly bad employee, but an immigrant whose first job after a degree was in the UK.

I never thought about diversity, inclusion and discrimination in a way that it could be directed at me, but when I was 24 and rosy-eyed, I tried to crack the great blinding white wall of the publishing industry. I failed.

After a series of temporary editorial and proofreading jobs I realised I didn't want to remain an intern forever. I also realised that my niche was digital content and I was really good at it. I monetised my blog, taught myself content migration, SEO, website building, google analytics and took the show on the road. On the tube really. After a year of blogging and travelling, I got my first role as a Digital Content Assistant.

It was temporary but it was also the age of the SharePoint intranet. I learned on the job and helped launch the intranet. This role was my initiation into IC and I've never looked back. I enjoyed being the listener, observer and the person who can put the spotlight on your work. Since then I've worked for two other employers including my current job, applied for hundreds of roles and interviewed for a quarter of them.

The scarcity of interview calls during the pandemic that has affected every jobseeker is not new to me. I have to work extra hard to make an impression on the recruiter, covering letters and CV. I am lucky that I have also been interviewed and offered jobs in organisations that are diverse or are making an effort to be diverse.

My top tips for anyone who feels disadvantaged in their career because of their name, colour, place of birth, or gender would be to always keep up with the market trends, network wisely, and focus on continuous learning and development. Ultimately, a business should be hiring you for your skill set and expertise and not the name your ancestors gave you!