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The referendum almost seems like a different lifetime so much has happened since, yet we’re not even at the starting line with Article 50 unlikely to be triggered this side of Christmas.

However we feel about Brexit, we can’t change it. What we can do as business leaders is step up and create certainty where we can for our people. The 44% of working adults who said they feel pessimistic about the future as a result of the UK’s vote to leave the EU (CIPD) would suggest this is desperately required.
Where one can’t create certainty, business leaders need a plan. We know that businesses may have to cut back on hiring and be prudent on cost - there’s potential pros and cons right there for the supply chain. Business leaders need to be seen to be taking action, making decisions, creating opportunities and instilling confidence in both employees and customers.
There’s one huge change curve going on across the whole of the UK right now - I’d say we’re mostly over the shock part, many are through the angry stage and the majority are probably somewhere on the scale of acceptance. Leaders need to be empathetic to the emotional impact of what’s been and what’s to come. We’re talking about the death of an idea, quite a big one and many people are still going through the mourning process. 
In times of change people need clarity. They need direction. They need hope and something to aim for and business leaders need to be visible in providing this. Executive committees behind boardroom doors right now isn’t going to do the job. Business leaders looking into the whites of the eyes to address people’s fears probably is.

Nick Terry, managing director, Top Banana

    Voice Online 1st December 2021 In the world we live in – a world that should be equal, but isn’t – being an ally is a moral imperative. This means going out of your way to actively support and advance marginalised individuals, communities or groups,....
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