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As the only professional body dedicated to internal communication in the UK, we exist to help organisations and people succeed through promoting internal communication of the highest standard.

Here’s our special Brexit-themed round-up of interesting articles we’ve seen on IC and related themes across the Web this month.

Case studies

How Remy Cointreau improves business agility


The business

Brexit: what it means for your business

What Brexit means for UK infrastructure projects

What next for the pound post-Brexit  

Brexit drags CFO confidence to lowest level since 2007

Communicating Brexit internally   

Britain will struggle to cope without European freedom of movement   

Theresa May promises worker respresentatives on boards

BIS axed by Theresa May   

Brexit: what does it mean for online retailers?  

Cut business rates to help us cope with Brexit: plea from 10,000 firms  

Brexit: Questions CIOs should ask now  

Brexit may hit NHS nurse pipeline says NMC chief   

Holyrood to hear Scots Brexit business impact evidence   

CBI expects manufacturing to slow in the wake of Brexit

Watchdog warns UK needs to rein in infrastructure projects   

CBI offers 5-point Brexit checklist  

CIPD urges government for ‘clarity’ on position of EU workers  

Change management

4 practical tips for managing change in the workplace  

Studies in simplicity: Microgoals   

Stop the insanity and lead your team to embrace change    

Leadership communication

Brexit and VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity  

UK leaving the UK: strategies for dealing with ambiguity    

What values define you as a leader?      

A bad case of ‘Brexit pause’?      

Why is everyone afraid at work, and what to do about it    

Why context is everything for leadership communication     


Nuts and bolts

A conversation for IC pros about Brexit     

Internal comms in a post-referendum world    

How to deliver good news and bad news in the workplace      

A definitive guide to Brexit internal comms – for CEOs, directors and managers      


How long does it take to get over an emotion?

Mindfulness in times of uncertainty

The mental effects of worry: 6 symptoms to be aware of      


Eight apps that will instantly boost employee morale

Microsoft Stream is a new video service for businesses  


The toxic state of public discourse and how to clean it up  


Long road ahead for British business: Engage for Success

Brexit demands a new approach to internal comms and engagement for UK plc     

Macro view: The belief that everything is back to normal is wishful thinking    


Strexit: How to support worried employees     

Look out for our next web round-up at the end of August.
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