IoIC proactively campaigns to drive internal communication of the highest standards,

IoIC works to strengthen its voice both within and outside the internal communication community, driving awareness of the profession and leveraging our content and activities to advocate for the impact of internal communication on organisations and working lives.

Here are some of our key initiatives. 


Our mission is to promote the impact of effective internal communication on organisational performance and working lives. An organisation that communicates well with its people can achieve greater productivity, innovation, reputation, talent attraction and retention.

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The IoIC is on a mission to raise awareness of internal communication as a career of choice and shift the narrative from 'I fell into IC' to 'I chose IC'. We believe that internal communication is not only a highly rewarding and exciting profession, but one which is integral for the performance of organisations, the quality of working lives, and the success of society overall.

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Ethical Guidance

The IoIC's ethics guide has been created to further support the professional standards of internal communication by focussing on our ethical practice, setting out the principles and giving advice for making ethical decisions.

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