People drive the success of organisations, so it is vital to communicate with them effectively.

Our mission is to promote the impact of effective internal communication on organisational performance and working lives. 

An organisation that communicates well with its people can achieve greater productivity, innovation, reputation, talent attraction and retention. 

Employees deserve to feel that they matter, and that they are valued and being kept informed authentically, truthfully and with respect

How we communicate at work has the power to transform working lives by helping people feel informed, connected, and purposeful. Because how we communicate at work matters. #WeMatterAtWork




Our Thought Leadership Reports

IoIC  publish insights, examines common themes and ultimately creates a movement that will support the Institute as it builds a body of best practice advice that will stand the test of time 

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Future of Work Trends Report

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To make the #WeMatterAtWork campaign come alive and show what makes people feel they matter at work, we want to hear from employees, employers, internal communicators and anyone who feels they have a story to share and wants to make a difference.

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