Finding That Job

There isn’t a fixed or recognised route for getting into internal communication.

New entrants could come from journalism, copywriting, HR, marketing or general corporate communications. Others may enter via a more specialist social media background.

Some will enter internal communication after undertaking a communications degree.

An increasing proportion of practitioners are choosing to do relevant professional and post-graduate qualifications to strengthen their capabilities and attractiveness to recruiters as they move through their careers.

Vacancies and opportunities are available via the following routes:

IoIC job board– look out for job advertisements on our career pages and our Facebook page for regular vacancy news

All Things IC – this website carries regular job vacancies and a wealth of useful reference material for those working in and wishing to enter internal communication

Newspapers – Read and don’t forget local newspapers as these can sometimes feature interesting and unexpected opportunities

Websites – Look at online recruitment sites, and consider which seem to be most promising in terms of the type of opportunities you are looking for. Examples include, and

Recruitment consultants – There are recruitment consultancies that specialise in communication roles such as VMA and Elwood Atfield. There are also regional consultancies that could be looking to fill comms vacancies in your area

Networking – Make best possible use of your networks, including IoIC membership, to identify where there may be advertised or unadvertised vacancies and who you should approach. Also keep an eye on updates from local communication and media networks. Use social networks like LinkedIn to identify where there may be job opportunities either now or in the future.

Companies you would like to work for – Look out for vacancies on the websites of companies you would like to work for. Some organisations may offer graduate trainee and internship opportunities.

Temp work: Consider the possibility of doing temp work to gain experience and to get a foot in the door of organisations you are interested in.

Don’t be afraid to make speculative approaches, but accept that you may get quite a few rejections before you make the breakthrough.

If you are trying to get your first job in IC, make sure you have done your research before going to interviews and have a good understanding of what the work involves and the sort of things you may be required to write as an internal communicator. It’s also good to be able to give the impression you have a good understanding of this area of work when you write to prospective employers.

Good luck!


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