Succeeding in IC

Succeeding in internal communication

Career opportunities in internal communication are better than ever before, as organisations are realising the impact that high standard internal communication has on overall organisational performance.

The core skill of writing remains vital in order to deliver effective internal communication. However, there is an increasing demand for internal communicators to have strong business acumen, strategic nous and the ability to articulate the value that their efforts have on the successful performance of the organisation. Internal communicators must be able to demonstrate the ways in which their skills and knowledge, and the continuous development of such, make them an expert communicator who is able to advise colleagues and senior leaders in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Click here to find out more about the skills and knowledge required of an internal communicator throughout their career, as described in the IoIC's competency framework.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


Whether you're a member of a professional body or not, internal communicators (and indeed all professionals!) should endeavour to commit to CPD. This might be in the form of reading about the latest industry insights and trends, attending networking events to learn from your peers, listening to podcasts (there is a great range of IC specific podcasts available as well as more general business and societal podcasts), taking training courses with specific learning objecives, or even studying for an internal communication qualification. 

IoIC members have access to an online CPD platform where they can create a personal development plan, set objectives and record all of the CPD activities that they've completed in order to achieve those objectives. Find out more about CPD with the IoIC here


The IoIC Accreditation Programme


The IoIC offers a three-tiered accreditation programme for those who are looking to become qualified internal communicators. All IoIC qualifications are academically accredited by Solent University, meaning students can be sure of robust academic underpinning as well as the highest professional standards. 





IoIC Foundation Diploma in Internal Communication

Accredited by Solent University, this is an introductory level programme designed for those who are relatively new to internal communication.

Assessed at certificate of higher education level 

IoIC Advanced Diploma in Internal Communication

Accredited by Solent University, this programme is for professionals who have a broader range of skills, knowledge and experience in an IC role. 

Assessed at undergraduate degree level 

Masters in Internal Communication Management

The Masters in Internal Communication Management is designed to equip practitioners for increasingly strategic roles. 

Resulting in award of Master's degree


To find out more about professional development with the IoIC, click here or email [email protected].

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