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Diversity & Inclusion for Communicators: Virtual Learning - Fully Booked!

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Event Date
4th Jul 2022
9:30 am - 4:15 pm
Standard Price
£380.00 + VAT
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£300.00 + VAT

Charlotte Butler



We don’t have to look very far to realise how rapidly the world is changing. During the global Coronavirus pandemic, the whole world has experienced an unprecedented change. Change to its social practices, its workplaces, its ideas about who heroes are and a changed the perception of the power of empathetic leadership. Now more than ever, organisations need to foster cultures of inclusion and empathy - to stay relevant and connected. How can Internal Communication be a driver in this monumental shift?

This one-day virtual learning programme will explore the purpose of a diverse and inclusive workplace with respect to the role of communication and engagement professionals. You will learn how to build empathy with the topic of diversity and inclusion amongst employees, how communication can support an inclusive culture and practical tools to help day-to-day engagement with diverse audiences.


The programme consists of

Part One: Understanding Inclusion for IC

  • Diversity and inclusion in a changing world
  • Why workplace inclusion is important: The business case

How does inclusion lead to innovation? Explore the link between an inclusive workplace culture and a prosperous organisation, in a highly changeable world.

  • How does bias limit innovation?

We explore examples of bias within organisation and how it leads to a lack of diversity.

  • Unconcious bias for IC professionals

Introducing the phenomenon of Unconscious Bias, how it limits us, can lead to stereotyping, and particularly how it can limit internal communication. 

  • Understanding intersectionality

Part Two: Inclusive Actions for IC

  • The role of internal communication
  • Respectful language

A facilitated discussion about respectful language and protected characteristics when it comes to workplace diversity. 

  • Building empathy
  • What are microagressions?

Explore microagressions and microinclusions in relation to internal communicators – how IC professionals can not only reduce their own use of microagressions but also act as an empathy-builder throughout their organisations.

  • Removing stereotypes in language and communication


Please note that we use Zoom for our online courses. Please ensure that you are able to access this system where you are based before booking your place. All times are in BST. 


Course outline

  • Why include? Understanding how to communicate the business case behind diverse and inclusive workplaces
  • What do we mean by intersectionality? Exploring difference, authenticity, moving workplace diversity from ‘2D’ to ‘3D’
  • Unconscious bias and the barriers to inclusion. An overview of the phenomenon, exploring the effects of unconscious bias on our roles as communication and engagement professionals.
  • Building empathy with employees around diversity and inclusion. The crucial step for meaningful inclusive change.
  • The use of inclusive language to create a culture of respect. What are the UK’s protected characteristics and how can we effectively communicate them in the workplace? 
  • Practical tips to help you drive the diversity and inclusion agenda in your business. As a group we workshop actions to take back to your day-to-day roles. Come away with a meaningful action plan you can implement right away.


About the trainer

With over fifteen years experience in employee engagement and HR, in 2015 Charlotte Butler founded Altogether Different, a consultancy specialising in building empathy amongst employees to drive genuine, inclusive action. Described as ‘revolutionary’ by clients, Altogether Different’s immersive and innovative approach to diversity training provides an ‘active ingredient’ that creates meaningful change, fast. Results include gender pay gap reduction, inclusive hiring, better leadership communication, improved retention and even product innovation. 



“Very well delivered - pacy, interactive and thought provoking.”

“Great and relevant insights to why and how diversity and inclusion is important for organisations, the role communicators can play and practical steps to take.”

“Thanks for a fabulous course and for sparking some inspiration in how to handle D&I better as a communicator - I already have recommended it to colleagues!”


Please note our training terms and conditions before booking your place.

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