FastTrack Programme 2024 (March)

FastTrack Programme 2024 (March)

Our unique FastTrack coaching and learning programme is designed to build knowledge, skills and confidence for those starting out in their internal communication careers or those looking to take a fresh approach to IC and discover new ways of thinking. 

The course will introduce students to the key principles of internal communication and provide specialist guidance on how to develop an effective and meaninful communication approach. 

Delivered over just 10 weeks and using a combination of coaching, teaching, online learning and group sharing, this unique course will help attendees understand the principles of internal communication and lay the groundwork for the development their own personal communication approach. 

The programme includes weekly group coaching calls which will provide the opportunity for participants to discuss their learning, share knowledge and build strong connections, and to explore their own personal development ambitions. 

What will you learn?

This unique programme will provide a comprehensive introduction to internal communication, offering attendees the opportunity to understand their strengths and where they can contribute, develop their personal communication approach and style, and explore what their future career trajectory could look like.

Attendees will learn the foundations and basic principles of great internal communication, including: 

  • The purpose and value of IC in organisations
  • The behaviours and competencies needed for effective IC
  • What is meant by employee voice and how to have great conversations 
  • Channels and how they can be used
  • Stakeholder groups and adapting approaches 
  • Content curation and making an impact 
  • Working with leaders and managers 
  • Objective and value-driven communication. 

Who is the course for?

The programme is perfect for those who are new to internal communication and want to kickstart their IC career, or who would like to explore the opportunities in this fast growing profession.

The course is also suitable for those who are looking to discover a fresh approach to IC and disover new ways of working.

The course does not require any prior knowledge or experience. 

How is the course delivered?

Delivered over 10 weeks the course has a unique coaching and learning blended approach, with a combination of workshops, group coaching calls, discussion activities, and independent study directed by online content, materials and exercises. 

The fully online course includes: 

  • A highly interactive kick-off workshop (12 March 204)
  • Weekly group coaching calls (Every Tuesday weeks two to nine)
  • On-demand video content, materials, resources and tools
  • Group discussion and engagement activities
  • A highly interactive reflection workshop to round off the course (14 May 2024). 

Pricing and booking information

Standard: £2450+VAT 

Member: £2150+VAT

Flexible payment plans are available please contact us on [email protected] to discuss a personalised plan.