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The Festival will be in zones, so you can choose the content you want to see and hear. See the line-up here.

  • Inspiration - here you'll listen to keynote speeches, topical panels and thought-provoking case studies
  • Practical - this will be the place to go to take part in workshops, lively debates and interactive learning
  • Problem Solving - this area will be all about co-creation, the 'unconference' part of the festival
  • Coaching - you can pick up practical tips on your development
  • Sponsor - Meet our sponsors and engage in some interesting practical demonstrations of what they can offer you, as an Internal Communicator
  • Connect - This is the space for you, here you can connect with your fellow IC professionals and there'll also be the chance to disconnect - spaces dedicated to being alone to reflect

Our venue has both internal and covered external spaces, designed to meet the needs of the zone and also allow us to limit numbers, if needed.

Within each zone, we will be featuring a variety of themes - topics that you've told us are important in the world of internal communications, now and in the future:

  • Conversation, Dialogue and Listening – Employees are shifting their mindset, they want to be involved in the conversation and we need to ensure they are listened to. How can we, as internal communication professionals, enable this two-way communication, with true dialogue that really makes a difference and ensures people feel valued, involved and that they matter at work? How can we utilise the changing technologies and channels to bring everyone together?
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – More than ever employees need to believe in the organisation they work for and want to align themselves with a organisation that shares their values. How can IC ensure ESG is part of the day-to-day communication and is the profession equipped to deal with the difficult questions that can arise when values are not met?
  • Leadership and Line Manager - Our leaders and line managers are crucial when it comes to delivering effective messages, so how do we ensure we are effectively engaging with our leaders and notoriously difficult-to-reach line managers? How can we encourage leadership to be authentic? How do we ensure internal communication is part of the strategic and organisational decision making? How do we bring leaders and the employees closer together to create a more human-centred organisation? How are working with our line managers to ensure they are communicating effectively, how can IC support them in their role?
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) - IC must play a role in creating more diverse and inclusive organisations, shaping and driving EDI through conversation, behaviour change, alignment to organisational goals and company values. We must also ensure the internal comms industry itself is diverse and inclusive. How can we help shape inclusive organisations of the future?
  • People and Cultures – The world of work is changing, and we are experiencing significant cultural shifts, against a backdrop of varying needs and preferences. To really make an impact, internal communication practitioners need to understand people and cultures. With continued cultural complexity and uncertainty, how can we ensure we know our audiences and be part of engendering a positive working environment which considers the needs and motivations of everyone and ensure we retain and attract great talent?
  • Health and Wellbeing - It's ok not to be ok. Internal communication plays a key part in that, ensuring planned approaches to health and wellbeing that really make a difference and that it remains at the forefront of the organisation. After such a busy and demanding time, IC practitioners also need the opportunity to focus on their wellbeing too.  How can we support the wellbeing activities in our organisations, ensure the everyday communication supports our people’s wellbeing and take care of ourselves too?
  • Change and Transformation - Change is inevitable and transformation is continually ongoing, so how can we balance the continued change that supports the needs of the organisation, deliver communication strategies that support the success of change programmes, and what role does internal communication play in helping transform an organisation?
  • Innovation – IC need to be championing fresh thinking in organisations. From new technology to new content and channels, IC practitioners need to use, or even create, innovation to support the organisation. We also have the power to take internal communication into new areas – new ways of communicating or a new approach for the industry. How can IC remain current and embrace these new possibilities?

Once again, we actively sought speakers for the Festival via a call for contributions. This has now closed, thanks to everyone who submitted.

We had such an amazing time with you all in 2021, we cannot wait to do it again this July!

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