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Accelerate Part Two

Accelerate 2 focuses on the specific challenges associated with managing change and transition and moving into trusted advisor territory.

It shines a light on the role of leaders and managers as communicators, demystifying research and evaluation and shows you how to build trusted relationships with your internal clients.

Module 1: Managing and Tracking Communication Projects
Juggling multiple projects is a vital skill for any communicator. To succeed inside any organisation you need to understand and ‘speak the language’ of project management and be able to apply this in your role.

Module 2: Research and Evaluation

Internal communication is a business function that’s having to justify its costs. Are you ready? Following this module you’ll be able to build your own measurement framework.

Module 3: The Fundamentals of Change Communication
Change is everywhere – and communication plays a vital role when major developments are underway. We’ll guide you through the most important thinking in this area and show you what matters most.

Module 4: Leading Organisations Through Transition
When change and transition happens, organisations need a ‘safe pair of hands’ with the creativity and clarity required to lead staff through uncertainty. Here we’ll explore the psychological journey we need to take employees on in order for change to stick.

Module 5: Driving Engagement Through Leaders and Line Managers
In this module, we’ll provide a recipe for building engagement through these two critical groups. The engagement research undertakes the vital role of leaders and managers.

Module 6: Becoming a Trusted Advisor
Positioning yourself as a trusted advisor is the key to being taken seriously in communication. To build trust, you first need relationships. In this module, we’ll prove a framework for doing this.

New for 2020: Module 7: Managing Internal Communication in a Post-Coronavirus World

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Continuous Professional Development
When you complete phase 2 of Accelerate, you can log 12 hours’ of training as part of the IoIC’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, helping you to prove the unique skills and knowledge that internal communicators bring to an organisation and bringing you one huge step closer to IoIC accredited status. If you combine this with Accelerate Part One, you can justify 24 hours’ of professional training.
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