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Before applying for the mentoring programme as a mentee, please take some time to think carefully about your objective and the ways in which you would like mentoring to support you in achieving that objective.

Please note that places on the mentoring programme are limited and will depend on the number of suitable mentors who apply for the same round. Applications will be open until 15 July, after which all applications will be reviewed and successful applicants will be contacted. 

When reviewing applications, we will pay particular attention to mentees' objectives - how SMART they are and to what extent a mentor will help the mentee in achieving their objective. 

If you're unsure of your mentoring objective, you might like to review the IoIC's Profession Map and Competency Framework and use this as a tool to think about where you are now, where you want to be and how you'd like a mentor to help you get there.

The mentoring programme is an IoIC membership benefit and all applicants must be members. If you are not yet a member of IoIC and would like to find out more, click here to read about all of the benefits available to members. 

Once you're ready to apply, please click here to complete the application form. 

IoIC Competency Framework
Designed to help internal communicators build their knowledge, skills and behaviours.

IoIC provides the only detailed competency framework for internal communication practitioners with information on the core skills, knowledge and behaviours IC professionals should look to build as they progress through their career.
Learning & Development
Accredited by Solent University, gaining a qualification demonstrates your skills, knowledge and commitment to your career
Designed to give you practical, targeted learning and development, choose from a wide range of training courses and masterclasses
Connect with a like-minded professional to develop an encouraging and confidential relationship to help you achieve your objectives
Offering a framework to plan career goals, identify your development needs, reflect on your learnings and demonstrate your competence
In-House Training
In-House Training
From copy-editing to strategic communications, IoIC can arrange bespoke, in-house courses enabling learning and development to take place wherever it’s needed.
The IoIC CPD is free to our members, offering a framework to plan your future career goals, identify your development needs, reflect on your learnings and demonstrate your professional knowledge and competence by achieving IoIC CPD Accredited Status.
IoIC Masterclasses
IoIC Masterclasses
Our range of Masterclasses have been designed to deliver advanced learning and development for senior communicators. They equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools to tackle leadership and management challenges.
A fast-track learning and development programme that puts communicators on the path to success when tackling strategic communication...
Why Join the IoIC Mentoring Programme?

The benefits of becoming part of a mentoring programme are boundless. No matter what your motivation for...
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