Internal comms ICons share their creative style
14th Sep 2017
IoIC’s ICon Awards celebrate individuals across the internal comms industry who have used their talents, ideas and intuition to produce creative and effective work for clients. The 2017 winners will be...
Raising professional standards and credibility are the key reasons for members joining IoIC
5th Sep 2017
This year’s survey – the first extensive one for five years – has given us great insight into understanding the drivers for membership satisfaction so that we can shape future activities.   Satisfaction is...
Mentoring scheme offers insight, advice and reassurance
25th Aug 2017
Internal comms practitioner David Manning has extensive marketing, PR and comms experience, but thought a different perspective, from an independent peer, could help develop his knowledge further...
Being a Fellow is a jolly good recognition of high IC standards
2nd Aug 2017
An IoIC Fellowship is one of the most prestigious titles that can be given in the internal comms community – and the IoIC is inviting IC professionals to apply. The title is recognition of reaching the...
IoIC is thrilled to pledge its support for TAKE PRIDE
31st Jul 2017
IoIC is thrilled to pledge its support for TAKE PRIDE, a book that presents a philosophy and model aimed at making work better for everyone. At IoIC we are committed to demonstrating the purpose and...
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