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It’s a generally accepted fact that digital tools can make work easier and the workplace more efficient. And yet…

Many organisations are entering this transformational era without a clear understanding of what it will mean for them. And within organisations everyone from senior executives to employees are still finding their way in this new world – including communicators, who have a key role to play in understanding and supporting the shift to this new world.

“There’s an assumption that we should all just ‘get’ digital without any real training or guidance,” says Elizabeth Marsh, director of research at the Digital Workplace Group (DWG), who will be launching IoIC Live with an evening session on Thursday April 30. Book your place here

“But what we see in pioneering organisations like Unilever and Virgin Media is that, as well as implementing cohesive digital workplace tools, we also need to support leaders and employees to learn how to navigate the digital world of work.”

Prior to joining DWG, Elizabeth spent over 10 years of experience in the fields of intranet and knowledge management and she says she’s still learning.

As co-author (with Paul Miller, founder and CEO of DWG) of The Digital Renaissance of Work: delivering digital workplaces fit for the future, she will look at how digital is transforming work, its benefits and drawbacks, what it means for your organisation and particularly what it means for communicators.

“One of the concepts in the book is ‘the digital work ethic,’ she explains. “It’s about having more control over our work and a greater sense of meaning and fulfilment. It’s replacing old notions of work symbolised by the Protestant Work Ethic which is a leftover from the Industrial Age and is about work as duty and drudgery.’

“It’s mainly about empowerment and control,” says Elizabeth. “The digital workplace supports that through enabling connections and collaboration, as well as access to information and knowledge.”

“Communicators have a really important role to play as the digital workplace brings both opportunities and challenges around leadership formats, what channels we use, how to reach the frontline, the blurring of internal and external, and so on.”

IoIC members can read more from Elizabeth, including 'the price we pay' for digital convenience in the March edition of InsideOut - the FREE magazine for those in the Institute. Members should log in at the top right of this screen. You’ll then find InsideOut in ‘IoIC Knows’ – simply click on ‘Publications’ in the drop-down menu.
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