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Social collaboration technologies provide a host of benefits for organisations, and the most successful initiatives are often driven by IC professionals. Here, Angela Ashenden of MWD Advisors, explains why. 

1. Social collaboration helps you breathe new life into your intranet.
If your intranet is under-used or under-delivering, think about using social collaboration tools to refresh the platform and make it more interactive. Enabling commenting and "liking", for example, allows employees to respond or react to articles and news, helping to drive more valuable and engaging posting styles, and social feeds enable everyone to see what's new since their last visit, and what's most interesting to them.

2. Social collaboration enables leaders to communicate with employees more effectively.
Communication is a two-way street, and yet IC functions often still place greatest emphasis on getting information to employees, rather than facilitating dialogue between senior leaders and employees. Social collaboration tools provide an open platform that encourages interaction, removing the barriers between different layers of the organisation, helping execs to become more accessible, and enabling corporate messages to be delivered in a more natural, informal manner.

3. Social collaboration helps improve employee engagement.
A more engaged workforce leads to greater employee retention, greater innovation, and ultimately greater agility and flexibility, leading to a more positive, dynamic culture that has a positive impact on business results. Increasingly, business leaders are turning to their IC function to drive improvements here, with social collaboration tools providing a great vehicle to underpin that change.

4. Social collaboration helps better-connect employees across your business.
As the IC function expands its role in facilitating communications across the business, so the importance of connecting employees at all levels increases. By championing this shift and helping to highlight and promote the benefits of a more interactive, knowledge sharing culture, the IC function increases its role in the enabling the organisation to achieve its goals, giving it a more prominent position in strategy discussions.
To learn more about social collaboration and how it can add value to your organisation, register here for our FREE IoIC webinar with Angela Ashenden from MWD Advisors on "How to turbocharge your IC practice with social collaboration", which will take place on 13th October 2016 at 3pm BST.
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