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Have you ever wondered why your best ideas tend to happen in the shower or when you’re walking the dog?  It’s no coincidence.

“Contrary to popular belief, the brain does not produce its best ideas under pressure,” says Director of Minerva Engagement, Deborah Hulme, who is trained in NLP and the Foundations of Neuroleadership. “Under stress, the brain reverts to survival mode and has less capacity for what it considers ‘nice to haves’ such as innovation and strategic thinking, two things highly valued by business.”  The need to understand behaviour and engagement in business has never been greater and the role of the internal communicator is central to success.  Deborah says “Leaders need the support of their communication specialists to develop their awareness and understanding of how the brain works and particularly how the brain, mind and body work together”.
The benefit of understanding how the brain functions is not purely limited to stress management and improving resilience; Neuroscience is showing how we can strengthen cognitive function, enable insight development and improve innovation within our organisations. 
“This means we can now create environments which are designed to reduce stress and enhance personal wellbeing and at the same time improve innovation and productivity.  For leaders in any organisation, this really is a win-win situation.”
Research into the brain provides the science and data we need to finally make the soft stuff hard, it provides a language the rational brain can recognise and also the frameworks we can reference to improve what we do and how we do it.
Deborah’s one-day master class for internal communication specialists will address this, introducing attendees to the latest research from neuroscience, explaining simply the different brain drivers and importantly what this means for practical application within business.  Generally, there’s a lot of knowledge about what’s best for our bodies, but very little knowledge about what’s best for our brains.  Building our understanding of this has a positive impact on both personal and business performance.
Minerva Engagement’s mission is to unlock individual strengths and enable business to achieve its collective potential, and Neuroscience plays a big part of that.  “After all, understanding how the brain works is fundamental to understanding all aspects of human behaviour”.
“In many respects, the brain has changed very little from our caveman days, it hasn’t adapted at anywhere near the pace of technology and wasn’t designed to multi-task.   The more we can learn to respect the brain and to understand its needs, the better it will function and the more innovative and productive it will be.”

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The first one-day Masterclass, Neuroscience: The Science of Creativity and Innovation is running in London on the 1st of March 2017. To book your place, click here or for more information email [email protected] or call us on 01908 237 564
“It’s for internal communications specialists who want to support leadership in creating and maintaining healthy work environments that are designed to promote innovation and productivity”
“They’ll go away thinking very differently about the way the brain operates and what helps and hinders brain power, resilience and creative output.  They’ll have specific tools to create and maintain healthy work environments that are designed to promote insight and improve cognitive function and innovative thinking.” 


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