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No need to worry that you’ve missed some good articles over the holiday season. Here’s our round-up of interesting articles from across the Web that appeared in the last few weeks of 2014.

Case studies

John Lewis MD: our moral compass is always in play   

SAS delivers a personalised internal comms strategy for employees      

6 ways Yammer increased employee engagement at Teach for America        

How Amey engaged its rivals’ employees when contracts switched (TUPE)     

At this startup, everyone can read each other’s emails        

How HSBC NOW has raised the bank’s image as a great place to work     



Tips for maintaining your company culture as your business grows         

A culture of questioning            


Employee engagement

Why company vision should be a daily focus for business leaders       

Eight signs your company is doing employee advocacy wrong           

15 real-life quotes from engaged employees         

Employer branding: Another job on the CEO’s to-do list?           

Invest in employee experience not employer brand        

The employer brand: More than a logo in a 3D space        

Two words that kill innovation         

The real barriers to nurturing emotionally engaged employees        

How internal communicators can benefit from a spell on the front line       

The fundamentals of employee engagement            



Five tips for designing a successful intranet     

MOJ hopes new intranet will help drive £900,000 a year savings        


Leadership communication

Six ways effective leaders cut through the noise       

Dealing with influential employees who are negative       

Eight signs a company is doing employee advocacy wrong      

Six ways to stop middle managers blocking innovation        


Nuts and bolts

Four tips for creating an internal communications plan that keeps employees happy       

What is event psychology and how can you use it at your live events ?        

Gamification in internal communication tools        

A template for your internal communication planning      


ESN/Social media

Pinterest now lets users edit multiple pins at once     

The latest internal comms apps     

Ten predictions for enterprise social collaboration in 2015    



Seven signs that your work culture is toxic      

Sony employees file lawsuit, blame company over hacked data      

Will social integrate with everything we do?     

Millions of workers worry about adverse effect of job on health      

Why gamification will revolutionise the workplace in 2015                     

PanTerra released analytics tools for internal comms             

Big idea 2015: More companies can do good while doing well       

Wearables in the workplace: facts, myths and the question marks      


 We produce a round-up every month, so keep an eye out for the next piece in a few months.

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