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Here’s a round-up of our favourite articles on IC and related themes from across the Web.

Case study

How Deloitte UK communicates respect and inclusion across the firm  


Culture/change management

Four principles of culture change

The ultimate guide to company culture hacks – 100+ things you can try with your team      

Employee engagement

The 7 best kept secrets about happiness in the workplace

Friendship as a driver of employee engagement    

Failure to listen to staff loses employers thousands of innovative opportunities    

Exploring the best metrics for effective employee engagement   

Use an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) to create employee engagement   

How to keep your passives engaged      

Employee engagement surveys gone wrong: 4 survey practices that undermine employee engagement   

Engagement nine times more likely when employees trust the board  

The biggest lie bosses tell their employees - and vice versa (book)   

What drives the most driven workers? Real purpose, placebo or both?  

A trip to Staples: Why employee experience matters to customers  

Company pride: a key to employee engagement  

Treating your people as customers - what's your moment of truth?   

Peers not managers keep us engaged at work (new study)   


59 intranet tips from leading global intranet experts

25 ideas for creating a better intranet solution that your employees are sure to love   

 How beautiful is your intranet?    


Leadership communication

Empathy is still lacking in the leaders who need it most  


Nuts and bolts

25 ways to tighten your writing  

7 storytelling techniques used by the most inspiring TED presenters      

5 ways internal comms matters (infographic)   

8 of the best free tools every internal communicator can use   

Top tips on internal comms measurement   

How do your internal comms emails rate against industry benchmarks? Find out in 3 minutes 

An intranet governance checklist    


Professional/personal development

The simple method that will increase your influence by 60%  


What to do when you catch a liar  


Social media

Royal Bank of Scotland banks On Facebook at Work



Internal comms and the mobile revolution

Two fifths of organisations report increase in workplace mental health problems        

85% of employees lie about their expenses  

Colour trends in 2015   

5 trends shaping the future of work 

Can giving your staffwellbeing breaks prevent future sickness leave?   

Stress at work can reduce life expectancy by up to three years finds study  

Rule-heavy workplaces undermine staff output and creativity, warns CIPD   

Ageing workforce and the future workplace (infographic)  


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  • 24th September 2021
    Over 330 internal communication professionals attended the IoIC’s first in person Awards Dinner in two years, on Friday 24th September at The Brewery to celebrate the winners of...
  • 7th September 2021
    COVID-19 has triggered a universal re-evaluation of how we work. The 2020 pivot to remote working amplified a range of trends that had already begun to reshape 21st century business. The...
  • 19th August 2021
    The 2021 FEIEA Grand Prix awards are now open, celebrating more than 60 years of the best in European internal communications at a time when IC is more valued than ever. The IoIC is one of eight...
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