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Here's a round-up of our favourite articles on IC and related themes from across the Web.

Case studies

Marissa Mayer defends her famous ban on remote work: 'I hope that's not my legacy'

RBS becomes first bank in the world to launch Facebook At Work     

Amazon wants to know how its employees feel every day    

Yammer at ABB - the world’s fastest journey to social    


Culture/change management

Making exceptional service the standard


Employee engagement

Measure employee engagement with Google Analytics for free

Earning employee respect: the first key to engagement   

Google has found that its most successful teams have five things in common   

10 essentials of the most successful companies’ break rooms   

How happiness and engagement are not the same  

How to get employee engagement intel from exit interviews   

The  four personality traits of engaging leaders   

It makes business sense to treat freelancers like permanent staff  

How to challenge overqualified employees (so they don’t get bored)   

Engaging employees beyond the first six months  


Nuts and bolts

How to jazz up interviews for your employee magazine   

Is your employer brand ready?   

Everyone is talking about data security but how secure is your intranet?    

How to write an internal comms strategy    

Five things companies do that ruin storytelling success    

The art and science of questionnaire design    

Measuring internal communications: Don’t get drunk on cheap intranet statistics  


Personal/professional development

The 37 best websites to learn something new

13-point checklist for brilliant brainstorming sessions    

Taking the bias out of meetings     

Six building blocks of resilience for line managers    

How to make a compelling case to the CEO   



Effective apps for internal communication     


Social media

Why a firm replaced email with Snapchat for a day

Breathe new life into your collaboration tools  



Forbes on the future of work

Web series, interactive infographics, and comics are three content formats on the rise   

Office politics killing engagement   

One third of UK office workers put off by managers younger than them   

TUC survey shows nearly a third of people are bullied at work    

Do hierarchies have a future   

More charitable workplaces may be the key to UK talent retention  

Half of employees not willing to raise concerns about misconduct    


Visual communication

Seven amazing tips for headshot photography


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