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Here’s a round-up of our favourite articles on IC and related themes from across the Web.

Case studies

Thoughts on BHS and how to communicate in a crisis     

Unhappy employees are costing you: 4 lessons from Denmark  


Change management/culture

Effective change management – tips from internal comms specialists 


Employee engagement

5 reasons employees don’t trust their boss or company

10 ways to reach non-desk employees

Can reverse mentoring unite the multigenerational workplace

Five signs one of your employees is about to quit   

Is your organisation stifling upward communication?

You can make your employees stay without a raise: here’s how



Audio on the intranet   



How leaders can develop a we not me culture

How to build a culture of originality

100 leadership quotes  

5 daily language habits of great leaders

The one value that all CEOs need to enshrine in their organisation  


Nuts and bolts

The five internal communication audit mistakes to avoid 

10 steps to a successful employee ideas scheme

Cringeworthy words to cut from online copy

8 content ideas for your next corporate video

5 reasons your internal surveys are generating low response

Designing engaging emails

5 internal communication misses and how to fix them


Social media

Why and how to use Snapchat for internal communications

Can Twitter really play a key role in internal communication?



Communicate your strategy in three popular ways   



British workers want more career progression chats with their bosses

UK PLC has a long way to go in creating a wellbeing culture

One in five staff fails to take full holiday entitlement

BBC to anonymise job applications

Softcat named UK’s best workplace

Women occupy less than a quarter of UK Board positions 


Visual communication

8 survey questions that get the most insightful employee feedback


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