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Here’s our round-up of interesting articles on IC and related themes that we’ve seen across the Web over the last month.


Brand your employees, not your organisation      


Case studies

How AIB GB is building massive morale during a time of great change  

The power of an employee app inside Nationwide          

Reinventing organisations: a case study                 

No powerpoint in sight: the Ogilvy & Mather employee induction           


Culture/ change

Communicating a compelling employer value proposition across   


Employee engagement

6 levels of engagement - Time to get your people fully PRESENT     

Microsoft's CEO tells employees to skip meetings if they feel they are unnecessary   

Why employee engagement is just as important during an upturn       

Employers fail to get to grips with Gen Y motivators     

Values are universal; behaviours are local        

22 tools to overcome grumpiness        

Avoid this word or you'll kill your employees motivation       

 Get your employees to work like nobody's watching       

25 employee engagement ideas     

Employee engagement ROI calculator         

Morale matters for UK managers          


ESN/Social media

Realising measurable value with your Yammer network      

An illustrated guide to Yammer for internal communications managers (PowerPoint presentation)    

Community management basics for ESNs      


Leadership communication

On  leadership, success and the introverted leader    

Four markers of the “safe” leader        


Nuts and bolts

Jive Software launches range of new apps to drive employee engagement     

Jive drives employee comms and engagement through new enterprise app     

How do you navigate the world of internal communication in an always on world?    

7 reasons why internal communication is the toughest kind     

On leadership, success and the introverted leader     

Four markers of the “safe” leader    

Why any workplace technology needs proper onboarding    

Personal/professional development

Moving on up: the internal communicator as leader   



Want to look smarter? Stop sending emails and speak like a human

How to find happiness in today’s hectic world   


Are tablets falling out of favour    


Value of internal communication

The case for a discrete internal communication function   

Internal comms thought leaders on the value of the employee communications function     



We produce a round-up every month, so keep an eye out for the next piece in a few weeks.

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