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Here’s our regular round-up of our favourite articles on IC and related themes from across the Web.


Case studies


How Vodafone is talking in circles   
How do McKinsey use internal communications to support and engage their own consultants?
How Deloitte UK communicates respect 
4 lessons on work culture from Google 

Culture/change management

Facing a culture problem? Take a look at the 7 steps to turn it around 
Internal brand culture isn’t aspirational – it’s essential  
Getting the most out of the employee-customer encounter  
The seven deadly sins of cultural transformation   

Employee engagement

Great Place to Work rankings reveal that a sense of purpose is key   
Engagement should be driven by values    
A surefire concept for overcoming negativity in the workplace   
Is there a recognition deficit in your organisation?   
3 key types of organisational commitment   
Further evidence: Engage for Success  
10 things that employees should know about their job  
Why don’t people communicate up in an organisation?  
The illusion of inclusion   
How to connect employees to customers, competition and your business   
The core reason leadership approaches to employee engagement fail    


Tactical vs strategic intranet managers – which one are you?   
Intranet content migration: a guide to good practice   

Leadership communication

Supporting line managers – 5 pearls of wisdom to inspire better comms 
How you can encourage your employees to lead  
The communication guide for leaders who aren’t sure what’s coming next 
Increase your productivity by releasing judgement   
Leadership phrases to ignite commitment and engagement   

Nuts and bolts

How to win at office politics    
Infographic: Measuring your digital internal communication channels   
An app for employees – how to ace the 8 most common questions   

Personal/professional development

This is the key to happiness, according to psychotherapists   

Social media

RBS becomes first bank in world to launch Facebook at work   
Who’s driving the internal communications conversation on Twitter? 


Unnecessary admin is costing UK businesses £60 billion a year 
Lack of tech hurting UK internal comms 
How top companies are redefining performance management   
City of London taking action on mental health in the finance sector 
Crunch time for Britain’s ageing workforce   
Job satisfaction hits lowest level in two years   
Number of staff working from home passes 1.5 million 
Perceived unfairness at work can damage employee health 
Look out for our next round-up at the end of June.
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