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Here’s our latest round-up of interesting articles on internal communication and related themes from across the Web.

Case studies

Southwest Airlines: A case study in employee engagement    

KFC uses digital screens for internal communication What every boss can do to inspire innovation 


Use of Slack in the charity sector     

Using video to reach and engage employees at First Solar

Chivas Brothers: Volunteering is a point of passion for employees

Aviva World: A maturing social intranet


Change management/culture


10 examples of companies with fantastic 

Employer branding


Employee engagement



Brexit and internal communication survey: infographic 

Fully defined job descriptions are outdated 

The state of employee feedback systems

10 things employees should know about their job

Engagement and commitment in multinationals

The dark side of high employee engagement

How fragmentation is killing employee engagement

Organisational intelligence surveys: smarter workforce survey

Seven reasons the best employees quit: even when they like their job  

Three unconscious habits eroding employee engagement

59 employee engagement ideas you need to know about   

To motivate employees, show them their impact on the bottom line         


Next-gen “intranets” for the gig economy


Leadership communication


Three leadership skills critical for driving change


What every boss can do to inspire innovation   

To develop a culture of trust and loyalty, try sharing your leadership     

Nuts and bolts


How to get your CEO involved in your video strategy https://www.mediaplatform.com/2014/12/ceo-involved-video-strategy/

Infographic: how to write an internal communication strategy 

27 words to avoid for better email communication 



Stress literally shrinks your brain (7 ways to reverse this effect)

The big reason why some people are terrified of change while others love it   


The business


An unexpected path to business insight: internal communication




Financial services company abolishes bonuses because they may distort behaviour 

Gender pay gap has not reduced in 20 years

Male managers more likely to get promoted than women

Employees happier in a multi-generational workplace, says McDonalds

Visual communication

What is the optimal video length for maximising employee engagement 

Five ways to leverage video to engage employees 

Look out for our next round-out at the start of October.

  • 28th June 2022
    Head of membership at CIPD and former IoIC board member Oli Howard has recently joined our impressive list of internal communicators who have received Fellowships. Here, he shares some valuable...
  • 21st June 2022
    Our latest IoIC Fellow Joanna Parsons, head of internal communications & culture with teamwork, discusses overcoming a case of imposter syndrome, being a “silo surfer” and the impact...
  • 14th June 2022
    After over 20 years of working in internal comms, Jo Bland, head of strategic engagement and internal communications at NHS Digital, has received a Fellowship in the profession. She tells us why...
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