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Business world

Productivity fails: The time-wasters that cost an organisation  

Out-going Institute of Directors chief sounds alarm over protectionism

Case studies

Honeywell reaching and engaging employees with weekly TC news style broadcast
How the Lawn Tennis Association is getting employees behind its new strategy
My MMS – secrets of a successful mobile intranet

Change management/culture

Have a frontline culture quandary. Here’s how to fix it.

Why you need to integrate transparency into your culture

Employer branding

How can you protect your employer brand during a restructure

Employee engagement

Employee performance depends on these three critical factors
Capturing tacit knowledge through employee engagement and managed socialisation

Five tips for building a winning employee engagement strategy

Science proves what Dale Carnegie knew all along about motivation  

This is how employee engagement is changing (infographic)

Stop trying to make employees happy, it’s not your job

Eight tips to resuscitate your broken employee suggestion programme  

Dismissing the grapevine? Do so at your peril  

Micromanagers kill employee engagement   

Benefits of engaging staff in sustainability  



Building a value portfolio for internal comms activities  
Don’t get in a muddle with your internal comms metrics  


The Intranet: The black sheep of the digital industry

Leadership communication

The six things purpose is not  

10 reasons most CEOs can’t talk about culture  

Integrity and fairness matter most in a leader   

Can leaders be taught soft skills?

Nuts and bolts

What happens to your internal emails after you send them (infographic)  

Four things to know about building a community  

Personal/professional growth

Try these three tricks for dealing with difficult people   

Brainstorming doesn’t work – four exercises to flex your creativity   


Understanding extrinsic versus intrinsic motivation   

Social media/ESN/apps

An internal comms app for one of the world’s leading heating and solar manufacturers

How to balance control and trust in your mobile communication strategy   

Facebook is about to launch a work version of its social media network    


Marketing leaders must mind the gaps, say experts

Whistleblowing and agency workers

Why news is now a bad model for internal communication  

Are Brits all unhappy presenteeists?

IC industry ‘not using mobile in spite of trends elsewhere’  

Is a degree losing its value at work?

Visual communication

Use of video for internal hospital comms  
Look out for our next round-up at the start of November
  • 28th June 2022
    Head of membership at CIPD and former IoIC board member Oli Howard has recently joined our impressive list of internal communicators who have received Fellowships. Here, he shares some valuable...
  • 21st June 2022
    Our latest IoIC Fellow Joanna Parsons, head of internal communications & culture with teamwork, discusses overcoming a case of imposter syndrome, being a “silo surfer” and the impact...
  • 14th June 2022
    After over 20 years of working in internal comms, Jo Bland, head of strategic engagement and internal communications at NHS Digital, has received a Fellowship in the profession. She tells us why...
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