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Huge thanks to everyone who completed the Future of Work survey that we ran in November. We were thrilled so many of you took time out of your busy days to share your views.

Our workplaces are experiencing unprecedented change – the ongoing adoption of digital technologies is already starting to disrupt and transform the way we work entirely.

At the IoIC, we recognise that multiple trends will have game-changing impact for all organisations. In parallel, we also see a landmark opportunity for internal communication professionals to step up and use their skills to positively influence how change happens.

Research has shown that a primary reason why organisational change programmes fail is a lack of sufficient engagement with those whose work is impacted. When the need for change isn’t clearly communicated, human beings will, by nature, maintain the status quo, as this is always the less challenging option. Achieving long-term behavioural and cultural change is always much harder than most organisations imagine. And yet studies have demonstrated that consistent messaging and clear two-way communication is a key requirement for change programme success. 
This is where you come in.  The role of clear, cohesive and engaging internal communication will be critical to business as organisational structures transform in line with changing market landscapes. 
In our survey we wanted to get a feel for your base-line understanding of how our workplaces are evolving.  In addition, we wanted to hear what you felt was preventing you from your best work.  Your insights were illuminating. 
You told us you wanted to learn more about the key trends impacting the world of work.  These include:

  • Digital disruption - how technology is changing the nature of work
  • The end of nine-to-five – the rise of flexible working 
  • The evolution of employment models and business operating models
  • Changes in socio-cultural attitudes towards work
  • Intergenerational working
  • The impact of globalisation and global connectivity on business
  • The rise of ethical business
  • How climate change and resource depletion will reshape trade in the 21st Century
  • Human skills for success in the future of work
You also shared details of the obstacles you feel you face in your workplace – the things that prevent you from doing your best work.  A primary concern we heard is that you feel that all too often internal communication is treated as an afterthought by business leaders.
Clear, consistent, and inclusive internal communication is critical to the success of any organisational change programme, and you told us that you strongly agree.  World-class communication will also be a key component of the agile, and potentially more fragmented, organisations of the future. We recognise both the challenge and the opportunity in educating your business leaders as to the vital role of effective internal communication, as markets disrupt and transform around us. 
As your membership body, we’re committed to helping you overcome this lack of leadership buy-in to the increasingly critical role of effective internal communication. 
Over the course of 2020, we’ll be commissioning and sharing content and material that helps enhance your understanding of the multiple and convergent trends driving widespread transformation throughout our workplaces.  It’s vital that internal communication is seen as a key ingredient of organisational resilience in times of profound change, and our goal is to help you in this mission.  
We’ll also be setting out the business case for positioning internal communication at the heart of any successful change programme – enabling you to make the case within your organisations.
Finally, and in response to what you told us in your survey answers, we’ll be planning a series of live educational events.  These will be designed to help further your understanding of the future of work and the pivotal role for internal communication as our workplaces continue to evolve, positioning the IC profession as influential change-makers.
We understand that the future of work can appear daunting. But we also believe that through partnership and collaboration, we can overcome our largest challenges. We’ll be seeking continuous feedback throughout this programme of work, so that our content and material maintain relevance and enable you, as internal communication professionals, to do your best work ever. 
Here’s to 2020, and new beginnings! 
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