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IoIC Live 18 was a hit in the flesh – and online. But what did attendees and those following it on social media have to say about it?

Last week's IoIC Live was one of the best yet. The event, on transforming reputation from the inside out, included more than a dozen expert IC presenters over two days.

We liveblogged the event ourselves on day one and day two, but many attendees also recorded their highlights online, through blogs and tweets.

On Twitter, Advita was following our live blog and particularly agreed with a comment by Jim Connor about the process of engaging line manages when he worked at Transport for London.

Jennifer Hardwick, editor at AB, remarked in Our top takeaways from IoIC 2018 on the importance of trust – and the need for senior managers to worry less about what their people might be saying on social media. As Rachel Royall of NHS Digital pointed out: "Staff are seemingly trusted with people's lives, but not with a tweet."

She also highlighted some recurring advice from the event: "Knowing who your workforce really listens to is crucial in making sure your message gets out to everyone – and in the right way."

This is particularly pertinent in remote workforces, says Jennifer, highlighting the presentation from National Trust's Sue Palfrey, who talked about the key role of the charity's volunteers.

On Twitter, Lucy McKerron also valued Sue's insights on the new normal of engaging with a diverse audience.

This shift, raised by Sue, also struck a chord with Katie Macaulay, managing director of AB and author of From Cascade To Conversation. Katie blogged her thoughts on IoIC Live and how we live in a world where "people everywhere have found their voice" – but perhaps struggle to do so at times.

Speaker Sheila Parry's "worrying statistic" of more than 40 per cent of employees in an organisation feeling they could not speak up reminded Katie that "social is a behaviour, not merely a tool".

In a guest blog on All Things IC, Jess Roberts, communciations manager at Newport City Homes, shared her highlighted from day one. She was struck by Alzheimer's Society head of IC Helen Schick's presentation in which we remidned that "people won't remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel".

And in summarising the headlines from Diageo global employee engagement director Christine Crofts, Jess reiterates the value of having a strong sense of purpose. She records Christine advising, "The role of internal communicators in creating purpose-driven organisations is to help articulate the organisation's purpose; communicate it; help leaders be more inspiring communicators; and align purposeful messages internally and externally."

And recalling the presentation by All Things IC's own Rachel Miller, Jess was struck by the messages around personal branding, which is "your promise and reputation as an individual", and the need to "identify the good behaviours and conversations that drive your culture".

Sequel blogged about the event, reflecting particularly on the recurring word "purpose". Everyone was talking about how conversations on purpose have increased in recent years and how internal communicators are key to helping businesses show that they are making the world a better place.

“The idea of ‘purpose’ is shifting. In a day and age where material ‘wants’ tend to be gratified quickly, we’re starting to look for the meaning over the material.” 

Sequel suggested responsibility for reputation is still a "cloudy" issue, particularly noting Ed Coke of Repute Associates' thought-provoking questions: “Who does reputation management really belong to? If everyone owns it, how does anything get done? On the other side, it’s too big a burden for one team.”

In conclusion, Sequel agreed with Rachel Miller of All Things IC that internal communication doesn't just belong to one team – it's everyone's responsibility.

Internal communicator Helen Deverell said this year's IoIC Live was "the best one yet". Helen says that "the people I spoke to all felt that there was a real shift in the conversations we're all having with our organisations and each other".

Among her highlights, Bill Quirke's was one of the best presentations she's ever seen – "funny, energetic and insightful". In his presentation, Bill discussed a quote from his 2008 book, Making the Connections, "Life is moving too fast to rely on the inadequate way we currently communicate oin organisations" and remarked that this is even truer today.

Helen also considers the presentation by Greater Manchester Police's Amanda Coleman as "the most emotional and inspiring" of the conference. In this session, Amanda talked about her comms team's approach in the wake of the Manchester Arena attack.

"She reminded the room that its OK to not be OK and that it's important we support cultures in our organisations that prioritise the wellbeing of their employees," reports Helen. "Not only does it support reputation, but it's the right thing to do."

On Twitter, Kate Jones also picked up on Bill Quirke's presentation, and the time we spend on low-value activity.

Meanwhile, Max Puller was wowed by Loughborough University's #SpitHappens campaign, as told by Emma Leech.

To read more highlights from the event, check out the blog posts above or click on the #IoicLive18 hashtag on Twitter.


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