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Reputation in business is a complex concept that goes beyond how a company is perceived on the outside. Employees’ individual conduct – their personal brand – and how the rest of the organisation views your department can all be influenced by effective internal communication.

This year's annual IoIC Live conference brings you speakers with different perspectives and stories on the theme of transforming reputation. The two-day event will expand your capabilities and your networks, and help you redefine IC's impact, making a difference in a reputation-driven world. 
There is a lot of confusion around what reputation means to people, explains Ed Coke, founder of reputation consultancy Repute Associates.
“There are many different reputations and facets of reputation that teams and companies need to deal with at any one time. Employee motivation, satisfying investors around return on investment, and showing consumers that you have strong corporate governance are just some of the many influences on overall reputation.”
Ed will be talking at IoIC Live about the holistic and complex nature of reputation.
“How do you transform something that can take 20 years to build?” he asks. “You can’t do it overnight. It’s about unpackaging the actions and activities you need to do now to yield the best results over a consistent period of time.”
The power of personal branding

Asif Choudry, sales and marketing director for Resource, will show IoIC Live attendees how to use the tools and networks they have available to develop their own personal brand, which can impact their own career development and the reputation of the organisation.

“You need to be aware of your digital footprint – the negative impact and risk of what you put out there,” Asif advises. “Recruiters and employers Google people. Just because you have a personal social media account, it doesn’t mean no one can look at it from the perspective of you as an employee.”
The familiarity of social media in people’s personal lives is, of course, a benefit when it comes to using tools like Yammer and Workplace, but as an employee, consider how you use those platforms.
“Just because it’s a digital channel, you can’t just throw stuff at it and say you’re a broadcaster,” says Asif.
He also warns not to underestimate social media’s value as an internal tool.
“Being able to connect with your CEO in that way is unique,” he says. “It bring lots of opportunities to develop your own brand – but also to promote internal comms work out of hours and outside of the intranet. It’s great for your campaign if your colleagues are engaging with it externally.”
Building IC’s proposition 

At IoIC Live, Bill Quirke, one of the leading authorities on engaging employees in change, will reflect on the past 10 years of internal communication, since the publication of his book, Making The Connections.
Bill will look at how the world of internal comms has changed and some of the trends he has seen emerge. He will offer advice on how IC practitioners can effectively build their proposition and ensure they are able to consult effectively – from outside the organisation or within. As he says, “Now that we have got comms to the table, are we actually able?”
Indeed, Ed Coke argues that there is often a lack of collective ownership of reputation management within companies – and IC professionals must demonstrate they can have board-level conversations and demonstrate their value.
“A business’s reputation may ultimately rest on the shoulders of the corporate affairs team or the CEO – but you’re missing out a vital ingredient,” he says. “Internal communicators have got a strong role to play in galvanising a workforce. Once you have your employees on side, there’s a positive halo effect that translates their direct experience to the one that customers have, or the opinion the younger generation have of your corporate purpose, which lends itself to the war for talent. Happy employees equal happy customers.” 

Sessions at this year’s IoIC Live include:
  • How internal communications can ignite the power of purpose to drive business performance and reputation – Christine Crofts, global employee engagement director, Diageo
  • What happens inside is reflected outside – Rachel Miller, All Things IC
  • Strengthening reputation from the inside – Jim Connor, Lloyds Commercial Banking
  • The darkest day: keeping colleagues at the heart of your communication response – Amanda Coleman, Corporate Communication, Greater Manchester Police
  • The future of work is happening now. How will you keep up? – Cyrus Akrami, Workplace by Facebook

More speakers will be announced shortly.

More information

IoIC Live 2018: Transforming reputation from the inside outtakes place 10-11 May 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham.

For further information and to book click here


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