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We talk to Alastair Scott, MD at 20/20 Productions Europe about early thespian ambitions, working on the Eurovision Song Contest and what he’s looking forward to as new director of the IoIC Scotland Region, in the latest in our IoIC People series.

What did you want to do when you left school?

I wanted to be an actor but ended up working backstage in a theatre. I soon realised my skin wasn’t thick enough to make a success of an acting career. Hat’s off to those that can do it!

What did you learn from your first job?

I learned that so many people relied on me and I totally relied on them. I was taught the true value of teamwork, and not letting others down.

You went on to become a freelance producer – what was that like?

Nerve-wracking but great fun. I became a very good team builder out of necessity – the best team I could find for every project meant my job was easier, and we were more likely to succeed – simple! I got to see the world and work on some fantastic projects

What do you do at 20/20 Productions?

I get to wear many different hats in my job now. My first as MD, but I am also a producer, an HR manager and many other things. A varied role is an interesting one for sure and I can’t imagine ever doing anything else – and no one else would have me!

Tell us about one of your most memorable work experiences.

I will never forget one of my earliest jobs working on the Eurovision Song Contest in the early 80s. More recently working with the United Nations in San Francisco, and more recently still, spending the day with Andy Murray capturing a host of internal comms messages on film for his sponsor.

Who has really inspired you?

My dad was a huge inspiration to me. A great one for anecdotes and one-liners – his favourite being “Always make friends on the way up, ‘cos you’ll definitely need them on the way down”. Very useful advice!

I’ve had loads of other people inspire me along the way as well – too many to list though, but every one a gem.

What do you enjoy about internal communication projects?

Information delivery is very satisfying, particularly when it is done with creative flair. I love the creative process and the meeting of minds through the journey. Most of our work is project-based with a beginning, middle and an end. This I love because we can all clearly see the results at the end, learn, and move on to the next.

What do you value about being able to network with others working in internal comms?

I’ve just returned from IoIC Live in Brighton. I’m so pleased I went. I felt I was part of the great melting pot of IC, where I got to speak to really interesting people from a range of disciplines, and see insightful presentations about the future direction of internal communications. This will help me, our business, and the industry in the future.

You’ve just become Scotland Region director – what are you most looking forward to?

I’m honoured to be in this role (and another hat to wear – hooray!). I am following in the footsteps of very impressive predecessors and want to keep the development of the region going. I am also keen to strengthen the ties with HQ, and have already met with Tim Beynon to formulate a cunning plan to make sure this happens!

Who would be your fantasy dinner guest – alive or dead – and why?

I would want more than one guest – to keep plenty of conversation going. I would like it to be entertaining and funny so I’d invite: Peter Cooke, Bill Hicks and Oscar Wilde.
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