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We talk to Chris Rogers, a senior internal communication manager at the Department for Work and Pensions, in the latest in our IoIC People series.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone starting out in internal communication now, what would it be?

Do it. It’s the best, and hardest, job I’ve ever had. Now that people are starting to see the worth of IC and making the link with engagement the profession is coming of age.

Tell us about your current job

Well I’ve just changed roles and am going to be focusing on the importance of leadership within our organisation.

Do you work in a big team?

I’d have to say yes, as our team numbers around 20 people at present. So we’re a large team by a lot of standards!

Is there a place for humour in internal communication?

Definitely, though timing is everything and really knowing your audience of course. We spend a lot of time at work and we all do important jobs, so you have to also enjoy it and humour always helps

What do you think is the key to implementing a project successfully?

Working with your audience to make sure that what you are about to deliver works for them and getting your stakeholders onside with you early.

What does IoIC membership mean to you?

An investment as it’s a constant source of help reference and support.

Tell us about your work environment – open plan, what can you see out of your window?

Very open plan. When I look out of the window I see time to reflect or opportunities (better than saying the Freeman hospital’s car park or the local school playing field).

Tell us about an IC project you’ve worked on that you’ve found particularly rewarding.

Rather than some of the bigger, high-profile stuff, I’ll go for a story I wrote recently which was published onto our intranet. It featured some fabulous work colleagues had been doing to promote our online services. When they saw themselves on the intranet, they were over the moon and loads of people got in touch with them to find out more. It was a straightforward piece of work, but great to get that type of reaction and help make connections. It was a great moment and things like this make the hard work worthwhile.

If you could organise a dinner party with guests of your choice – from the present day or any point in history – who would you invite?

I think that heroes or famous people need to keep their mystique about them as that’s what makes them who they are to you. But I’d organise something along the lines of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (there’s the humour). Or just have close family and friends, always the best company.

Game of Thrones or Lewis?

Game of Thrones, so get the books finished George, if you happen to be reading this!
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