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There are a wealth of benefits to being an IoIC member. We asked four people who have joined IoIC in the past 18 months to tell us what they are getting out of being part of this community. 

Why did you join IoIC? 

LISA MANSELL (left), head of communications, IT Services, University of Oxford: I joined to be part of a professional body representing internal communications – hopefully to gain more acknowledgement of IC as an established profession with standards and a skill set. I was attracted to the excellent range of courses and other professional development opportunities.

DANIEL PHELAN, internal communications adviser, RICS: Having just started working in internal communications at the time, I joined IoIC to help with my professional development. IoIC has many fantastic benefits, from training and networking to publications and events. Being part of a support system through which I could build my confidence and skills appealed to me.

AISLING DUNLEAVY, internal communications lead, Electronic Arts Ireland: I wanted to join a network of IC professionals to share knowledge and keep up to date with new trends in the industry. Gaining professional recognition for my professional standards and experience was a big plus. 

IAIN MONKSFIELD, internal communications business partner, Tarmac: I wanted to join a community of likeminded individuals, where you can increase collaboration. It was also part of my ongoing development to build my personal and team capability. It’s important that our stakeholders know they are dealing not just with people with comms in their job title, but experts in their field on the edge of what’s new and what’s best practice.


What benefits have you taken up and what did you think of them?

IAIN (left): I attended IoIC Live. There were some good ideas and food for thought. I find the webinar content useful and easily digestible. And Voice magazine gives a nice flavour of what’s happening. It’s nice to read about campaigns people are working on outside of my industry and see ideas that are genuinely changing the momentum in organisations.

AISLING: I flew over from Ireland for the IoIC Live conference in May. I thought it was brilliant and I cannot wait to attend next year. The range of speakers from all industries was brilliant – all had different nuggets of knowledge to share. I took lots of notes. I made some fantastic connections that I keep in contact with through LinkedIn. It gave me confidence that the IC strategy in place in my company, while not perfect, is quite advanced. 

DANIEL: Each year since joining, I’ve been to IoICLive. It’s a great way to top up your knowledge, and hear from and network with other internal communications professionals in a relaxed setting. The event covers a fascinating range of topics, trends and ideas. It’s a yearly highlight for me.  

LISA: IoIC Live was hugely beneficial. The quality of the presentations and the opportunity to chat to like-minded professionals away from work was a real treat.

My team has also benefitted from the courses. I requested two bespoke courses to be run in-house for a number of colleagues in the department. Having tailored training was a very cost-effective way to extend the knowledge to non-communications colleagues. 


How has being an IoIC member helped you in your day-to-day work? 

AISLING (left): It has helped me in numerous ways. I look forward to receiving Voice magazine each quarter and the monthly enewsletter – I always read them. They are packed full of research, case studies and other perspectives that help when pitching new ideas, solutions and recommendations to leadership. 

I also use the resources for continuous professional development, including the CPD framework, IoIC profession map and the knowledge base on the website.

LISA: I quickly realised the benefits of the newswriting course – I put the training in to practise as soon as I returned to the office. I also used this learning to develop a short workshop for other colleagues at our annual staff day and it was a hit! 

I came back from IoIC Live with lots of ideas on how to work with senior managers more strategically and I hope to take forward some of the examples. I also feel that I have more professional confidence as a result of the training, membership and conference – confirmation that I do know what I am talking about.

IAIN: I took away some confidence from IoIC Live in how to give leadership feedback and push them to think and behave differently. My biggest challenge is reaching employees who are not connected to desktops and mobile phones, so it’s always useful to read ideas around that. 

DANIEL: It’s helped me feel like a more informed and connected member of the profession. Having access to a plethora of industry information and research has given me the knowledge and assuredness to make more informed and confident decisions at work.


Why would you recommend others become a member?

DANIEL (left): If you’re passionate about internal communications and looking to learn, grow and gain professional recognition, then don’t hesitate to sign up. IoIC curates and provides a wealth of content, knowledge, insights and inspiration through webinars, local hubs, Voice magazine, or the tools available on the IoIC website. I’m always learning and discovering something new and relevant.

Plus, you’d be joining a diverse, collaborative and supportive network of professionals who are always willing to share knowledge and experience. IoIC provides excellent value all round. 

IAIN: The workshops and events help you understand what’s going on. The ability to access those is a great benefit. It’s nice to be able to reassure your key business stakeholders that you’re committed and focused and that you’re not just talking about best practice, but you’re doing it in your own IC community environment.

LISA: I think it is great value – the magazine is full of informative articles, the range of courses is great, and everything is tailored to IC. Join and enjoy the benefits – you’ll quickly appreciate the value of everything IoIC has to offer.

AISLING: Having access to a network of peers who face the same challenges you do, a knowledge base bursting with resources and informative conferences – what’s not to love? What are you waiting for? Do it – you won’t regret it. 

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