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Valuing people just got more systematic with the publication of a new British Standard.

BS 76000 Human ResourcesValuing People specifies high-level strategic requirements for a management system for valuing people. The fundamental premise is that people are an organisation’s biggest asset and should be treated as such. By respecting this basic principle, both organisations and the people who work on their behalf can benefit from a more equal and sustainable relationship. As a management system standard, BS 76000 provides a framework for organisations to put processes in place which will help catalyse that relationship.

The standard stresses the important role of top management in setting policy; encouraging those in leadership roles to support the management system; and ensuring those tasked with developing and implementing it have the authority, ability and resources to do so and then actually carry out their responsibilities.

It also stresses the importance of encouraging and enabling employee feedback.

BS 76000 says that senior leaders should assign responsibilities for integrating this system into their organisations’ other business systems and processes, and ensure performance review, training and development and recognition systems are aligned with it.

The standard also details how the system should be documented, audited and reviewed.

IoIC chief executive Steve Doswell commented: “This publication reflects a gradual sea-change in attitude, which means organisations are now increasingly seeing the quality of relationships with their people as being as important as other core organisational systems. It also marks a move away from roles and responsibilities focused on these relationships being perceived as ‘softer’ and difficult to define, rather showing how they should take a systematic approach with an emphasis on measurement, review and timely change when it is needed.

“It’s also gratifying to see recognition of the pivotal role of senior leaders in setting the right tone and priorities, and of the principle that these values are as important for all sizes and types of organisations.

“This is a useful reference point for communicators who wish to reinforce for their organisation the level and scope of commitment that is desirable in nurturing that most valuable asset – their people.”

BS 76000 is based on the core structure and common text developed by the International Standards Organisation for all of its management system standards. This will enable organisations with other such standards in place, to implement and integrate BS 76000 into their wider management systems in a simpler way. However, it also works as a standalone document.

Further information on BS 76000 Human Resource – Valuing People – Management System – Requirements and Guidance.
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