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This year’s survey – the first extensive one for five years – has given us great insight into understanding the drivers for membership satisfaction so that we can shape future activities.

Satisfaction is high. More than 82% of respondents are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their membership and IoIC overall. A quarter of respondents have been members for more than five years and nearly a third have joined in the past year. The main reason for joining IoIC was the need to raise their own professional standards, then access to industry content and resources, and networking opportunities. The Net Promoter Score (if members would recommend IoIC membership to a friend or colleague) is 80+ which is high for  a membership association. Events continue to be popular and rated highly.
The results indicate that there’s a strong drive to join IoIC and highlights how its credibility has grown over the past five years. “As a professional body, our focus over the last few years has been on professional development and accreditation activities. We’re thrilled to see that this is seen as a high benefit of membership,” says IoIC CEO Jennifer Sproul. “We’re  using the survey to shape direction and sharpen focus so that we continue to deliver in line with what our membership wants.”

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