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IoIC London’s triple whammy of three events under the banner ‘Connecting People’ has now come to an end – but if you missed out, there’s some good news.

Some of the presenters behind the workshops have offered a series of takeaway tips for internal communicators on the three event subjects – networking, video and live events.

First up was a look at the ‘Laws of Human Communication/Attraction’ with Boundaries Edge, an agency formed by former intelligence and specialist military officers.

They related their operational expertise in agent operations to the world of business communications and explained how to build trust, network effectively and create powerful lasting relationships.

Graham Cox from Boundaries Edge provides the following tips on networking, which he says “everyone hates…unless they’re a sociopath.”:

  • Association – associate yourself (or your brand) with a positive feeling. It’s why advertisers use certain songs
  • Familiarity – shops use smells like baking or vanilla, but on a personal level you could say something like ‘I hate networking’ and other people will recognise the feeling.
  • Reciprocation – if you give people something, they’re more likely to give something back. It can be as small as saying ‘That’s a really great idea’.
  • Mirroring – don’t try to read others’ body language (it’s too hard), but you can control your own, e.g. don’t stand with your arms crossed, or no-one will approach you
  • Liking – people will like you if you make them feel good about themselves. Say things like ‘Thanks very much, give me a call any time’.

The second event was hosted by film company Kaptcha, which specialises in video for IC.

Managing director Richard Thomson offers a ‘Top 10 Quick Tips’ to get you started down the path to strategic thinking for video:

  • Know your objectives
  • Bring as many stakeholders together as is possible
  • Define your tone of voice and stick to it
  • Tune in to your audiences and stay tuned
  • Accept that dialogue is going to be wanted and needed. You will have to engage
  • Plan ahead. Make the most of your opportunities both immediate and future
  • Start and sustain the conversation
  • Behave like a human-being, not a faceless entity
  • Think 50/50. Half on the activity, half on the promotion
  • Don’t overlook the data, use it.

Anna Bowen, director of employee communications at global education company, Pearson also shared how they have implemented a video strategy and launched a regular internal TV programme for their UK staff – and the impact it has achieved.

The final part of the trilogy was hosted by events specialists Live Union and creative strategy director Jez Paxman has provided four ways to reinvent your employee events:

  • Define where the real value lies for employees attending your event; is it in making new connections, collaborating with other people, etc?
  • Position your senior leaders as curators not presenters and work with them to design more participative format
  • Don’t alienate more introverted employees, think about facilitation techniques and digital tools that engage everyon
  • Take inspiration from the wider world of live experiences.

Just Retirement's head of internal communications, Ben Wilson, also shared insights and measurements from their IoIC award-winning JR Live! event.

IoIC London director Nada Zbirek says: “I’m really pleased with all three events. We had a huge amount of interest and it was a great opportunity for communicators to network as well as learn interesting insights about three key areas of comms.

“We’ll be organizing more events in the near future and anyone who wants to know more about IoIC London activities, can email [email protected]
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