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When a masterclass is over-subscribed and there’s a waiting list for the next session, something is obviously going right. Sheila Hirst says the time is right for coaching leaders on communication.

“The most important thing you can do to improve communication in organisations is to get leaders to take responsibility for their own communication,” says Sheila Hirst (pictured), answering why IoIC’s coaching masterclass has proved so popular.

After hosting the first masterclass in February, she will be running a session at IoIC Live in Brighton on Friday May 1, and says there are three reasons why coaching leaders is necessary:

1. Organisations are increasingly asking their communicators to be business promoters and asking them to do a lot more with a lot less. The comms department can’t take responsibility for delivering all communication any more. Managers and leaders have

to pick up their responsibility and communicators need to help them develop and grow.

2. If you want your leaders to be authentic, they have to do it themselves.You have to give feedback, support them and not be critical.You have to develop senior people and develop their own voice.

3. If you don’t get the leaders to pick up and recognise that they need to communicate, you’re not going to change anything, let alone culture inanorganisation.Youhavetowork with the people who are influencing.

Sheila, a director at Omilia Hirst, says coaching leaders ties in with IoIC’s new report on trust’. “There has to be trust between you and the person you’re trying to coach or it won’t work,” she says, adding: “The only way you get trust in the organisation is if people believe in the leaders, so they have to be authentic.

“If you want people to feel engaged in their organisation and give everything they’ve got, they have to believe in the people who are running the organisation.

“If they don’t communicate, they won’t get trust.”

Find out more about IoIC Live here

Book for the next ioIC Masterclass on May 26 here
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