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Do employees trust leaders to run businesses the right way? Is there less trust from Generation Y? Does it matter? These are the kind of questions asked each year by EdelmanENGAGE in its Trust Barometer survey. Edelman executive director Nick Howard talks to InsideOut ahead of his presentation at the IoIC Insight Seminar in London on Thursday November 12.

EdelmanENGAGE has spent years researching the impact that trust has in the workplace. Its 16th annual Trust Barometer will be presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January.

In the meantime, delegates at this year’s IoIC Insight Seminar can get an update on the research and hear how a new framework is being developed to find out more about what employees want from their relationship with their employer –especially if they are from Generation Y.

“We believe that trust, whether you’re an employee or a consumer (and you’re usually both), is important for helping brands and companies develop relationships with their stakeholders,” says Nick (pictured below).

“It’s particularly important for Generation Y (born mid-‘80s to early 2000s) because they have a different set of expectations from Generation X (born from 1960 to early ‘80s).

“If you’re of my generation – I’m in my mid 40s – you’re more likely to be a bit more selfish. Gen X people tend to have a greater interest in career progression and salary progression, while Gen Y people may have a bias towards working for a company with a good social purpose or that’s environmentally conscious and seen as being a worthy enterprise in society.

“Broadly, a Gen X person may say ‘The most important thing for me is I’m working for a company that’s respected for the quality of its goods and services’. A Gen Y person will say ‘That’s important, but when I’m socialising with the people I went to university with, what’s more important is that I’m working for a company that’s not polluting the environment or I can show what they’re doing is good for society’.”

These are the kinds of insights Nick will present based on previous Trust Barometer research, but he will also be explaining how this year’s survey will put even more emphasis on the differences in attitude between different types of employee, for example between Gen Y and others.

IoIC members can read about the new framework for the Trust Barometer in October’s InsideOut – available to download now.

Also in this edition, Anthony Burrows of Allied Irish Bank, who will also speak at the Insight Seminar, reveals how staff morale and trust was at rock bottom following the economic crash – and what steps were taken to turn it round.

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