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Are digital detoxes worthwhile? Hear the pros and cons and join the discussion at Voice Live.

Increasingly, our lives are dependent on digital devices. If you have one social media account, it’s likely you have another two or three – and you check them when you get up and before you go to bed. 

We get news instantly from Twitter rather than the newspaper. WiFi and laptops mean we can work anywhere. We’ve replaced A-Z guides with sat navs (and even traditional sat navs have been usurped by Google Maps on our phones).

But do these devices need us more than we need them?

At Voice Live, we bring the magazine’s For/against feature to life with a debate about the merits of taking a break. Should we dedicate longer periods away from screens in order to recharge our own batteries? Or is the digital age, in fact, breathing new life into the way we do things?

What are you gaining from being online?

Arguing for taking digital detoxes, Georgia Turner, head of communications and marketing for Bournemouth Borough Council and Borough of Poole, believes that, by nature of our roles in communication, we are always on – and expected to be so. 

“Most of the time that’s fine,” says Georgia, who is one of the organisers of Comms Unplugged. “Like most people, I thrive on the ready access to information and networks that technology and digital platforms open up for me. But every now and then I stop and think, ‘How long have I been online? What am I really gaining from this?’

“A tech-free approach is central to the Comms Unplugged ethos, creating a more engaging and enriching learning experience that enhances wellbeing too and has an impact long after delegates leave the event. I can't wait to share our approach with Voice Live. You'll be switching those devices off in no time.” 


Enriched lives in the digital age

Andrew Hesselden, an internal communicator and intranet manager with a passion for digital, will be holding court and arguing the case against taking detoxes.

“It suggests that digital stuff is something that makes our lives unbearable somehow,” reflects Andrew, who runs creative communication agency Coralfish. “It doesn’t. It makes my life much richer and helps me make connections I wouldn’t otherwise do.

“A holiday is actually when I have the time to reconnect with friends and to think clearly about exciting new business ideas, both of which I can do online. Why would I want to detox from something I love?”

Join the discussion

Join us at Voice Live – in London on 20 November– to hear Georgia and Andrew represent the two sides of the debate, and to cast your vote. Book your tickets here as an individual or as a group.

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