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Webinar: The Truth About Trust

Few deny the importance of trust: it underpins communication, relationships, leadership, and more. Yet do we really understand what is involved?

Broadcast: Monday 26 November 2018

This webinar uncovers the truth about trust, drawing together a wealth of evidence as well as presenting original research. It is presented by Justin Jackson and Francesca Granelli of Digital Remit.

The webinar explains that we’re inclined to trust each other; otherwise we couldn’t work together. Yet we rapidly learn to trust some individuals and organisations more than others. These judgements are formed quickly, often relying on rules of thumb; as a consequence, it’s important to know what these rules are if we are to be trusted.

However, our experience affects who we trust in more fundamental ways. Emotions are a visceral repository of lessons we’ve learned, reminding us how to behave in comparable situations. Communication therefore has to harness these emotions – and, what’s more, there is a feedback loop: every message affects reactions next time.

The webinar ends by discussing the final piece to the jigsaw. We rely on conventions – drawn from our team, organisation, and community – to guide us. As with emotions, this is a two way process: norms tell us whom to trust, but also reflect whether our trust has been respected or betrayed in the past. Communicators have to play the long game.

Key takeaways:

  • what it means to trust our colleagues and our organisation
  • what the different types of trust are and how they come about
  • we need better trust, not more trust
  • how trust and communication depend on each other
  • how relationships and leadership are underpinned by trust
  • what the ethics of trust are in the workplace
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