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IoIC Webinar: The event planning journey - working better together

Face to face communication is an essential cog in any employee engagement wheel but especially when a business is going through times of change, challenge and growth.

Live events are a huge part of face to face engagement and as such remain an important element of the internal communications strategy. Live events are the perfect platform to get employees together, create a two-way conversation with the audience and share important business messages in a trusting face to face environment. 

But what’s the right way of getting your message across? What engagement tools are right for your audience and message? What should the objectives be? 
In this webinar, Marc Hazelden, Client Services Director at creative communications agency Top Banana, talk about how agencies and clients need to work together to create a truly successful event. Marc will cover everything from the initial steps of event planning and objective setting to some tried and tested methods of bringing messages to life and why post event feedback and measurement is so important. 
Marc was joined by Lee McNamara, Group Head of Internal Communications at DFS, who will discuss his own experiences of live events based on the business’s annual conference. Together, Marc and Lee provided the audience with a step by step approach of the event planning journey, to make sure agencies and clients work better together to create those all-important results. 
Key Takeaways 
  • How to decide whether an event is the right platform and what to think about before you start planning your next live event
  • Best practice examples of how client and agencies can work together to achieve a projects objective 
  • Tools and techniques of how to bring important business messages to life in new and engaging ways and create a two-way conversation with the audience 
  • Hear real life examples and case studies from a leading retailer 
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