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Case study: IoIC Awards 2020 – Best Intranet

A modern online space for employees to find up-to-date, relevant information and to ease working life

Award: Best Intranet

Case winner: The Hub – PlayStation Europe for and by Sony Interactive Entertainment



Whether or not you’re a gamer, you will more than likely be familiar with the PlayStation name and its products. Over 25 years, the video gaming brand has seen record-breaking console sales, critically acclaimed games, cutting-edge technology and interactive experiences that have delighted and entertained consumers all over the world.

Across 13 countries, with the regional HQ in London, PlayStation Europe has about 2,650 employees.

For all its innovation, until April 2019, PlayStation Europe’s intranet was a legacy platform. SID was an unnavigable, monstrous relic created in the early 2000s and not updated since.

The key issues:

  • SID had no clear product owner; it had grown organically (and haphazardly) over 18 years
  • Structurally, it had a cumbersome and illogical user interface, with an inconsistent left-hand menu, blending a few departments with processes and featured pages that were only relevant to a handful of employees
  • There was no search capability. Individual pages did not have their own unique URLs, so if employees wanted to share content with each other they had to write out the necessary breadcrumb path in an email, at times describing where on the page to click to follow the next breadcrumb
  • Information was wildly out of date and inaccurate, with many pages having not received updates for years. During the content audit, the record holder was revealed to be a live finance policy page 15 years out of date
  • The platform lacked the basics for decent internal communication. There was no Content Management System in the backend, so all updates had to be coded in by IT. With no unique URLs, pages could not be linked to or referenced via other channels, leading to a complete dependency on email
  • Unsurprisingly, SID had no analytics reports, no audience targeting capability, and was incompatible with the company’s single sign-on solution, requiring employees to have a separate password.

The platform itself was out of service warranty (PlayStation being one of few remaining customers in the world), which meant that, when it failed, there would be no further product support.

The company’s first ever internal communications manager was given the task to replace SID with a new, modern intranet.




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